How To Pick Out The Perfect Bed

It’s crazy to think that we spend one third of our lives asleep, so we want to be spending all that time in luxury comfort, getting the best slumber that we possibly can. I personally believe as we get older the better quality of things that we should invest in, not just for sustainability but also our quality of life. So today I’ll be walking you through my best tips in how to choose a bed that suits you, your sleeping habits, and most important your lifestyle. 

Firstly it’s important to delve into the elephant in the room when it comes to picking out a bed, which is the comfort. Mattresses don’t suit everyone so you want something that suits your personal needs. There’s a variant of options that are available on the market for every kind of sleeper, and despite what you’ve been told about how a memory foam mattress is the suit all option, I would highly consider all the other options as it’s been proven that every position of sleeping has a variety of requirements. 

It’s super important that you always try out the bed yourself, and if you’ve ever been to a bed emporium you’ll know why everyone looks like they’re having a snooze when the reality is that they’re all ensuring that their comfort is 100%. I’ve often been told that you should never settle for the first bed (unless by coincidence it happens to be the holy grail of mattresses), always keep exploring, and even though it could take you a few hours to rest on each bed, it’s worth finding out which one suits you the most. Some mattresses can take up to 10 minutes to reach the ultimate comfort, so give it time and dedication as if you purchase said mattress, then you’ll be sleeping on it for a couple of years. 

Depending on your sleeping position, you may require a different mattress to another. 

If you’re looking at a mattress for side sleepers, you might need a soft to medium level firmness that gives a lot of support for the back and the pressure points.

Back sleepers are most definitely in need of some firmness and support as it doesn’t support their spine. 

Finally stomach sleepers need a midrange level of firmness as all the pressure is on their stomach, and if the mattress is too soft can create back problems as the spine will curve and not be aligned. 



Most people never think of the storage that you can have under a bed, so whether you’re wanting to put away your summer wardrobe into vac-pack bags or needing to store some photo albums, you should always consider having some under bed storage. 

The bed way of protecting all your precious goods from getting dusty is getting an Ottoman bed from Happy Beds, which provide ideal storage so you don’t have to regularly hoover everything that is safely stored away. The other handy attribute is that they’re long lasting beds that hardly ever have to be replaced, luckily they come in a variety of styles, colours and most importantly need hardly any assembling. No flat pack furniture today! Most places will have a team of people who will carry your bed up to the required location, so the only handy work you might need to do is dig out the toolkit to screw on the headboard. 

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Whenever you pick a bed, always consider the size. So as a prime example you could be single, and only want a queen size or double bed, but always think to the future just incase someone else could be sleeping in your bed too so you can both starfish and spread out without having to squeeze in together - this is also a major bonus in the summer when a bed can get super warm! 

Always be mindful of the amount of space you have available for the size of your bed, as unfortunately we’re not all blessed with mansions. If you have limited space for a king size, or super king size bed, then downgrade to whatever fits you within that space. 



As I pointed out, this bed will see you through one third of your entire life, so if it’s possible then definitely save up for something more luxurious that will last much longer. Luckily a lot of beds and mattresses are available on finance if you need to spread out the cost over a series of months. Beds are an investment, which you will certainly thank yourself for if chosen properly.