Stephi LaReine rainbow fashion blogger from liverpool wearing blue velvet dress

How To Find Dazzling Dresses

Don’t we all want to look absolutely incredible, and more importantly feel incredible? I’m a big believer in finding an opportunity in any moment to make myself feel really good. I love heading out to events where I can glam up, and have an excuse to feel like a queen in a gorgeous dress. So today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite dresses from Quiz who are absolutely smashing the evening dress game right now. 

If you’re in need of finding some evening dresses then you’ve definitely found the right post, some of my favourite styles may not be to your taste, but however it could sway you to trying something new and fantastic.

My top three categories I’ll be walking you through today is glitter, colour and cut.

evening dresses

If you’re wanting to feel extra special and catch the eye of a few people in the room, then definitely vouch for a sparkly number, it’ll shimmer throughout the evening and bring some fabulous vibes to what could be a dull room. Everyone loves something sparkly, and if you get the chance to be a peacock then go for it. It’s one of the most liberating things a person can do for themselves, and I can guarantee you’ll be super confident in your appearence. 



If you’re constantly in a rut of wearing LBD’s, then you might want to switch up your dress selection to something more vibrant. Red is a great starting point, it looks beautiful on anyone, looks super romantic and makes anyone look really confident in their bold choices. I swear by making colourful choices, I always get complimented on being so bold and bringing some happy vibes to the room with being a smidge more daring than others. 

Finally try out a new cut of dress, maybe you’re adjusted to swinging around in a cocktail dress, and want to try something longer, tailored and figure hugging. Maxi dresses that cling to your figure make you look extremely tall and hug every curve in all the right places!