How To Explore The North Of England

Not to be 100% biased, but as a northern woman, I feel so much home pride in the people, places and things to do in the north. I’ve always been the go-to person when it boils down to locations to visit, and thought I need to share it with everyone who has never been up to the north of England. You probably know a friend who’s met a close friend, partner up north, or had the best night of your life - because frankly we’re incredibly good at bringing the party to the people. So today I’ll be walking you through a couple of locations that will make you want to book in multiple times. 

Naturally we start off with home sweet home, if you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know I take a ton of pride in my home turf and want to celebrate it from the rooftops. Liverpool is brimming with culture, music, art, architecture and we were officially voted as the friendliest people in Europe - true story! So if you want to find a place where you can sing Beatles, boogie to the local talent and feel like part of the 60’s and 70s, then Liverpool is your calling! 



It’s almost like a sister city to Liverpool, although footballers would disagree, I personally think it’s a great place to hit up major gigs and explore the history of Manchester - even if you’re off to see a Lowry exhibition or spend your time on the canals, there’s everything to love about this location. I seriously recommend trying out the restaurants in Spinningfields and exploring the night time life. Even after visiting Manchester for years, I’m still discovering so many more things to do, as every week there’s always something exciting happening in the city centre.  

It’s a Geordie wonderful, and as the saying goes “I never met a Geordie that I didn’t like!” It’s a stimulating place from it’s coastline to cultural on-goings. Packed with so much history, you can certainly be sure that you’ll find so many things to do, so I highly recommend booking yourself one of the many hotels in Newcastle. From the Tyne Bridge to Newcastle Castle by day and boogie by night in some of their most renowned nightclubs, you know your weekend will be packed full of fun and adventures on your visit up north.