Fashion Guide for Glastonbury Music Festival

So it’s coming up to Glastonbury Festival, it’s the creme de la creme music festival of the season, and has been voted the best on the planet. Whilst America has Coachella that usually comes with its own fashion statements, I personally find that Glastonbury top trumps any festival when it comes to its fashion. You’ve probably seen the street style photos, the outrageous amounts of glitter and individuality that is showcased across the 175,000 people who attend it every year, and why it’s the most iconic place to see bands. So today I wanted to walk you through some of my favourite looks and what should be packed in your backpack before hitting up the party in the fields! 

stephi lareine festival blogger

Festivals are the prime time to go extreme, whether you want to sport a robot outfit, or enter the festival covered head to toe in glitter. Technically there are no rules, just as long as you’re comfortable, confident and living your best life. 

As a very seasoned festivaller, I always take the opportunity to try something bold and outlandish that I couldn’t possibly get away with on the streets of Liverpool. Even if you’re not rocking up in space boots, you can let yourself go and try out a funky ensemble. 

Express your individuality

Take a few pairs of shoes

Alike any festival, the weather can be super unpredictable as one day you’ll be wearing casual trainers, and the following day you’ll be in wellies. So it’s mega important to take a spare pair to suit every occasion. The shoes from Uppersole have a wide variety that cater to all the elements whilst in the fields. Personally I love wearing boots at festivals, they’re comfy, keep your feet warm and can be styled up more glamorously than knee high wellies. 

stephi LaReine festival blogger

For the same reason that you’ll need trainers, boots and wellies it’s good to pack a raincoat, as many festivals don’t allow you to take in large umbrellas - and also who wants to be carrying around an umbrella when you should be partying, right? 

If you don’t want something too heavy, take an emergency poncho in your handbag that you can whip out so that your dazzling ensemble can still be seen. 

Always remember a raincoat

Keep your handbag small

Most people vouch for the famous bumbag to keep their money and phone within arms reach, this isn’t just tactical so your bag isn’t swinging into other people, but also festivals have clamped down on the size of bag you can bring in for safety reasons - which is understandable and logical as the more room you have around you, the more people you can cram into the fields!

Try not to take anything too expensive as it’s most likely gonna have mud sprayed all over it, and secondly there might be some unsavoury characters who might pinch it from you. Sadly this still occasionally happens at festivals, whether it’s pickpocketing, or rummaging through your tent so always leave any precious items at home. 

stephi LaReine festival blogger

When you see Alexa Chung and Kate Moss rocking up with a plaid shirt tied around their waist, they’re actually being super tactical as festivals can occasionally get chilly. I’ve spoken about this in many festival survival posts that bringing multiple thin layers is better than bringing one big coat, as the cool air gets trapped between each layer and will keep you toastier throughout the weekend. So leave the large fur coats at home and bring a raincoat/jacket, a thinner layer underneath and if you’re really wanting to keep yourself insulated then consider a vest under a dress or your t-shirt. 

Take an extra layer

Go full on vintage

Festivals are the perfect time to rework some golden oldies in your wardrobe. I absolutely love shopping online for hidden gems, sites like Micolet second-hand clothes are the ultimate go-to if you're looking for a luxury vintage spend. The site is packed full of amazing brands like Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Mango, Bershka and Stradivarius just to name a few! Utilise this opportunity to really showcase your style, and wear something super out there that no one else will be sporting in the fields.

stephi LaReine festival blogger