6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special

For most people, their wedding is a time of fun and excitement. A couple gets to share and express their love for one another in front of their family and friends.

However, for couples who want a more unique and memorable wedding experience, they should try some of the ideas found here. Keep reading to learn how to make a wedding even more unforgettable.


While the wedding itself is the main event, it’s a good idea to plan some fun and enjoyable activities before the wedding, too. For example, call a photographer to set up boudoir bridal shoots, schedule a girls' weekend, or consider a guys' getaway. By having events going on before the big day, everyone can get in the mood and mindset for the main event. Make sure to plan carefully and ensure activities are selected that everyone can enjoy.


Plan for Events Before the Wedding

Hire a Food Truck for the Reception

Who doesn’t love a food truck? At the end of a wedding and after a reception, many people may want a snack, especially if there was an open bar at the reception.

Why not accommodate these “snacky” guests by having a food truck set up outside the reception area. Everyone can grab a bite to eat, and experience something that most couples don’t even think about offering.


Some couples choose to get married at a venue that doesn’t allow any petal scattering by the flower girl or girls. If this is the case, the flower girls can be given ribbon wands to wave as they walk down the aisle.


Make sure the ribbons match the color of the wedding, and guests and the girls themselves are going to have a great time.


Forget the Traditional Flower Scattering

Decorate Something Besides the Tables

Is there something the couple loves to do together? For example, bike riding, kayaking, or something else?


If so, why not adorn vintage bikes or kayaks with decorations and set them up around the venue and reception area. This makes a great photo prop and adds a unique element to the entire wedding.


wedding planning tips

Rather than focusing on posting everything about the big day on social media, put someone in charge of handling this. There are even professional companies dedicated to this process.

Hiring one of these individuals or companies means they will take photos of the big day, upload several pictures an hour and keep everyone who couldn’t attend abreast of what’s going on.


Put Someone Else in Charge of the Social Media

Turn the Dessert into Décor

Decorating for a wedding can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Another expensive aspect of any wedding is the cake.

Why not combine the two? Make the amazing, beautiful, large wedding cake part of the décor for the wedding. It’s a win-win situation and helps to minimize the costs of adding more décor, as the cake is going to turn into the focal point of the décor for the reception area.


While thousands (or more) weddings occur each day, it doesn’t mean they all have to be the same. By implementing the ideas here, a couple can feel confident that their day will be special, exciting, and more memorable than they ever imagined.   


Making the Moment Truly Unforgettable