5 Best Foods For Gorgeous Skin and Silky Shiny Hair

Have you ever seen someone whose skin is glowing and hair is silky smooth and perfect? Ever wondered what their secret is? Turns out it has a lot more to do with your diet and less to do with the next best product.

Your diet is the most important ingredient to maintaining a healthy appearance. Here we give you our top 5 best foods to keep you looking young and exuberant.

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Healthy fats are one of the fastest ways to enhance the outside and in. Nuts are great healthy fats as we all know but walnuts are among the top healthiest nuts around.

In their complete write up, AvoToasted.com points out that walnuts are one of the only whole plant based sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Take that salmon! Omega-3’s have known benefits for your internal health but they also contribute to clear skin and healthy locks.

A mere ¼ cup of walnuts contains the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids as 4 ounces of wild caught salmon. You’ll also reach your optimal daily intake of vitamin E in this small serving. Adding this little beauties to your daily smoothie or oatmeal will help you see some great health results.




I know, I know. You’re sick of hearing about all the amazing things avocados have to offer. But, in this instance, they offer another perfect healthy fat that adds to your outward beauty.

You don’t only have to eat them though. You can also mash up an avocado with coconut oil and make it into an amazing mask for your hair. Just coat your dry locks, let it sit for twenty minutes, and wash it out with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. This will leave your hair moisturized and shiny without any of the funky chemicals that are in fancy salon products.


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Blueberries may seem mundane. However, the humble blueberry contains tons of health helping ingredients.

These berries are abundant in vitamin C which is a key nutrient in the creation of collagen. Collagen is a major contributing factor in skin’s firmness and bounce back. More collagen equals smoother and less wrinkled skin.

In addition to the vitamin C, blueberries are little powerhouses of antioxidants which are known to prevent premature aging. Even half a cup of blueberries a day is enough to see noticeable results in your appearance and overall health.




Flax Seeds

I’m sure you’ve heard that flax seeds are good for you by now. But, did you know they actually shouldn’t be consumed whole? You read that right. Eating whole flax will still give you a fiber boost but if you want to unlock the superfood powers of this seed you have to grind them up.

A few tablespoons of flaxseed meal will pack a boost of omega-6 and even some omega-3 fatty acids. The anti-inflammatory properties of flax will also calm down eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions.


It’s no surprise that another healthy plant based fat source rounds out our list. The macadamia is more than just an exotic Hawaiian treat though.

The fats in macadamias increase the production of sebum which is a light oily substance that is secreted by our skin. This is what builds up the natural moisture reserves in your skin and keeps that youthful glow from fading away.

While eating macadamias gives you a ton of benefits the real secret is using the oil of these nuts in your beauty routine. Use macadamia nut oil as a hair treatment to see a difference overnight. Because macadamia nut oil is a very light oil it makes it super easy for your hair follicles to absorb and transfer throughout your tresses.

Do an overnight treatment, wash and blowout the next day, and be amazed at the silky shiny results.


Macadamia Nuts

Get Your Skin and Hair in Check with What You Eat

Eating right and living an active lifestyle we know is best for our overall health. We hope that you now understand that real beauty also comes from within. We truly are what we eat and it shows in how healthy and youthful we appear.

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