The Best Night Clubs in London

A city is ranked on many parameters in the list of top global cities of the world, and good nightlife is one of the main selling points for a city to be hip and happening. London has a great nightlife and there are some fun and exciting night clubs in London. London is a large spread out city with different areas housing different types of night clubs and lounges. There are various types of nightclubs in the city and the following are areas of which you'll find some of the best night clubs in London.

  • In East London, especially Shoreditch there are some fabulous night clubs that rank in the top night clubs of the city. These nightclubs are very popular and often hire a bouncer for security for smooth flow of traffic into the night clubs every day.
  • XOYO is a great place in Shoreditch and has a great reputation for top DJs and plays great house music, disco and techno music. It is an affordable yet top-ranked place in London to go drinking, dancing and partying.
  • Floripa is another choice in Shoreditch in East London. It is known for its bohemian, Brazilian style and offers partygoers a great place for salsa and Latin music and dance. It is a good place to go for drinks as it has a party bar and themed bar.
  • The Hoxton Pony in Shoreditch is a great place in East London. It has a graffiti- filled interior décor, a night club, a cocktail, and a party bar to enjoy the night away in a fabulous fashion.
  • Cargo in Shoreditch is a topped ranked night club in the area. It is a great place to partying and dancing the night away and offers patrons different types of music. Psychedelic rock, hip hop, electronic pop and other forms of music are all played at this night club and a popular choice among Londoners and tourists as well.
  • The Old Queen’s Head, Oslo and Blues Kitchen are some of the other top options for nightclubs in East London.

East London

Chelsea, Kensington, and Mayfair

  • These areas or neighborhoods of London are the central and posh districts of the city. There are many night clubs in this area that have to hire a bouncer and security personnel as celebrities and rich generally visit these night clubs in the posh areas of the city.
  • Cirque Le Soir is a hip and sexy night club in Soho in central London. This nightclub is known for its wild parties and entertainment and is often visited by celebrities and the happening crowd of London.
  • Montezuma in Kensington is one of the best night clubs in the city. This luxurious nightclub often visited by celebrities has a great sound and light system and is known as a great place for clubbing, dancing, drinking and partying.
  • Other popular nightclubs ranked in the best night clubs of the city in this area include Blagclub in Kensington, Tape London in Mayfair, The Cuckoo Club, and The Luxe Club.
  • There are many top nightclubs in the outer neighborhoods of London. These nightclubs are equally popular as London is a large city with a diverse population living in different neighborhoods of the city.
  • Night clubs like The Grand in Clapham, Infernos in Clapham, Electric Brixton in Brixton and Phonox in Brixton are all top choices for a great party atmosphere, good drinking, and top music.
  • The Union is a nightclub that is housed in a railway arch in Lambeth and a great place for after-hours parties. There are some popular nightclubs in the Camden area in the city. Shaka Zulu is a restaurant-nightclub popular in Camden and has an African safari theme. The Jazz Café in Camden is another top choice for night clubs in the city.
  • Other popular night clubs in the outer areas of the city include EGG London Nightclub, The Electric Ballroom, and The CLF Art Café.

London has a very vibrant nightlife and party scene. The above-mentioned night clubs are some of the best night clubs in the city. There are all types of night clubs in the city as mentioned above and some are more affordable than others. London is one of the top destinations for nightlife in the world, so give it a visit!


Outer London Nightclubs