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Simple Ways To Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

With great people like David Attenborough telling us that our planet is rapidly declining, it’s been a huge topic of conversation on how we can stall any more damage to the environment. It’s spoken about so much, it’s almost become fashionable to want to care about the Earth - although everyone should be anyway! 

Today I wanted to talk you through some simple but crucial ways in which you can cut your carbon footprint through little lifestyle changes, that are so easy you’ll forget you’re even doing it. I discovered all my techniques from checking out this Viessmann infographic where you can discover your carbon footprint from little things like conducting a google search to recycling Guardian newspaper. 


Firstly people aren’t aware that old dated boilers are such a huge contribution to their carbon footprint. Not only will it help your surroundings but also your monthly bill - a modern energy efficient boiler can save a average detached home around £305 in energy bills per year. So if you check out your current model if could say the year it was installed, and weigh up your bills and whether it’s worth damaging the environment.  If you're leaning towards getting a new boiler, you can check out this new boiler cost guide to help make the right decision.

Get a new boiler

Invest in renewables

This world is constantly churning out new and fantastic ways to harness energy. Techniques like photovoltaic sustems, solar thermal systems and heat pumps to help you create energy. I’ve just discovered there’s also girl cell technology that provides simultaneous heating and hot water - how incredible is that? Simply by turning hydrogen into energy which overall cuts down on your C02 emissions. 

Finally you can once again save your gas bill by investing a little bit of money into ensuring that your house is totally draught proof. You don’t need to flick the heating on when you’re chilly, grab a jumper, get your house insulated. 

My other simple tips are: remembering to turn off lightbulbs, appliances and take your tv off standby can make such little difference to both you and your surrounding environment. 

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