Landscaping Ideas 2019

It goes without saying that the less garden that you have to attend to, lower would be the maintenance cost and therefore you will find tons of clever options when it comes to the best landscaping ideas.

In this busy world, we do not have so much time for pruning, weeding and watering. If you dream of having a garden design in Essex with little to no care need, you will need the best of landscaping ideas. If you are looking for garden services, you can search for garden design and with your location for eg. Garden Design Essex, Garden Design London, etc. Consider these pro ideas to keep your lawn as low maintenance as possible.



Adding a few paved surfaces to your lawn or yard is one of the smartest ways of getting rid of some of the high maintenance grass and floral areas that you have to look after while keeping the area functioning, including your entertainment space for parties and barbecue events. It is one of the most used Garden designs in Essex apparently.


Fuss-free plants

Filling your gardens with plants and trees that are easy to maintain is a pretty simple idea but people often make the mistake of planting riotous blooms and then suffer later in the year, or whenever you try to take care of them. Whether it is watering or feeding or pruning, some of these exotic plans seriously need a huge amount of care. Try and opt for perennials rather than the annual plants so that you will not have to replant all your beds each and every year. For an easy front yard landscape idea, you can go for the evergreen shrubs that do not require much attention and will look great throughout the year. Trees are a great alternative a they need little maintenance - if you need them removing or trimming then check out


The raised beds create less work and one of the most perfect additions for modern backyard landscaping ideas. Separating the planting beds means that there is less chance of the flower beds growing out of control and since they are raised, any kinds of weeding and deadheading that you may have to do is quite less strenuous.

The raised beds are the most simple and effective garden designs in Essex that you may consider. They will also create a new structure in a garden and a feature in a way that the other flowers beds will not.


Raised beds

A painted fence

If the grand backyard landscaping ideas are not possible for you because of the time and maintenance cost, fresh paint will work wonders in your garden if you want to create a beautiful, relaxing space and also add some colour. Painting the fences, sheds and your summer house in a pleasant shade will liven up your garden space without much maintenance afterwards. Pastel colours like soft green and blues would definitely look great, but do not be afraid to go with bold colours like black or vibrant colourful ideas. 

Your garden maintenance can be somewhat less stressful when you are having the perfect relaxation space to relax at the end of a tiresome day. Gardening is basically about the end results. So just be sure to design an enticing area where you can sit back and relax and enjoy your results. You can string up a colourful hammock between two trees for the ultimate Oasis experience or you may want to invest in comfortable, durable garden furniture to rest at the end of your day.

Relaxation space

Potted Plants

Using pots are one of the best life-saving landscaping ideas as there are the least chances of weeding and you have total control of how big your plants may grow. You can also move your pots to a different position for a new layout making them a flexible planting option, and also you may use them to brighten up even the smallest of spaces available. As most of the low maintenance plant does not produce colourful blooms, you may add splashes of colour with some striking pots dotted about instead.

Try and plant more native plants as they do not require much maintenance. The plants that are native to your area or state are totally accustomed to the climate, so you do not have to worry too much about the proper light shade and watering. But whenever you are opting for more exotic plant options, you will surely find that they need a huge amount of care and maintenance.

Go native

Artificial grass

If you do not having mowing options and time for maintenance, you can definitely opt for artificial grass as they need no mowing or watering, and once they are properly placed, there is nearly no maintenance required.

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