How You Can Use A Grab Service For Your Home Renovation

Like skips, a quick Grab Lorry provides a way to eliminate large volumes of waste produced in a variety of construction or landscaping projects. However, the difference between the two is the price, the size of the containers and the methods used for disposal. Hiring a grab truck includes some additional features that you will not find in a skip. Firstly, each truck comes with a qualified driver who takes full responsibility for loading and disposing of their waste. Unlike jumps, this elimination service is carried out on wheels. And finally, a grab lorry comes with a hydraulic arm.

Today I'll be talking you through how you can utilise it within your workflow of renovation.


Grab services are affordable, fast and efficient. With a Grab Lorry, large amounts of waste material can be removed from a garden or site in a matter of minutes.


Why would you need a grab service?

DIY home renovation enthusiasts

The growing popularity of DIY home improvement is not surprising. After all, people want to be proud of their home, and to do this, they may need to make some changes to build the perfect picture of their vision. 

Improvements in the home, such as redoing the driveway, building a small extension or relaying the front garden can have a significant impact beyond the appearance of your home, or giving a new contractor figuring out how to get a construction job an opportunity. These projects will generate a large amount of waste, and what better way to remove everything than with a grab lorry hire.

The renovation of the surroundings of your home can often requires heavy materials. But do not worry, a Grab service can handle heavy work, whether you need a gravel load for your new driveway or if you need to remove the old concrete garden. 



If you are not renovating your home, you're not doubt redesigning your garden. The construction of ponds, the placement of artificial turf, the creation of garden paths and other landscaping projects require lot of  materials. In addition, in the process it will be necessary to remove a large amount of dirt and other general waste from the garden.

When you hire a grab lorry, the materials you need are delivered to your door, and all the things you do not need are removed almost instantly.

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Cleaning advantages

When you need to clean a construction site, a grab truck is more efficient in terms of the time it takes, the amount it costs and the level of disruption it causes. Grab trucks are designed to collect and remove large volumes of heavy waste very quickly and efficiently.


In general, a grab truck can handle approximately twice the volume of waste that can be placed in a regular skip. In fact, 8-wheel trucks can carry the equivalent of three skip loads, saving you the time of having to organise the delivery and collection of three separate skip loads.

Not to mention the amount of time it would take to fill. So why spend time transporting debris manually with a wheelbarrow and a shovel all day long when a hydraulic grip arm could do the same job in a fraction of the time?

When you use a Grab Lorry or skip to clean the site, you must organise it to be delivered and picked up at different times. You can search on Google if you are in need of grab lorry or skip with term “skips near me”.

Less time consuming


A grab lorry can handle everything from loose dirt and damp garden dirt to large pieces of concrete and debris from green gardens. You can even handle your daily household waste if you are not a commercial customer.

All you have to do is arrange the waste in a pile so it can be picked up or placed in bags that can be lifted into the loading area.

If you are completing a large job that also requires extra additional help, a fast-hiring company can deliver and deposit the waste in the correct area of the site and then collect the waste for disposal.


Unlike a skip, which is a permanent fixture on the site, a grab truck is compact and agile enough to be able to quickly enter the site, eliminate waste and leave, minimizing the interruption of your workday.

Similarly, it does not need a permit to park on the road and is able to remove debris from inaccessible areas thanks to the extended reach of the hydraulic arm.

Depending on the volume of waste that needs to be removed from a site, a rental company can typically eliminate all waste within 20 to 30 minutes.


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