How to get the best return on your unused holiday money

A holiday isn’t just a trip away. A lot of the time, we return home richer than when we left —and we don’t just mean in souvenirs. We can relive a fond vacation through memory, and who’d want to let go of that?

There may, however, be one thing you’d like to exchange when it comes to your holiday: your unused currency.

But, how can you get the best return on it? Our guide could help.



When should I exchange my holiday cash? It’s a common question and you might feel tempted to do it shortly after you’ve returned home.

But, you may want to reconsider and wait for a time when the sterling currency is strong against the one you are trying to exchange. If so, you’ll be more likely to get a better deal.

Generally, the higher the pound’s value, the better — especially when it comes to trading currencies.



Exchange at the right time

Consider other options

If the sterling currency is weak, you could wait until its value increases again, but this might take a long time. Remember that rates can also drop as well rise, so you may be waiting a while.  

As an alternative, you could give your foreign currency to someone else who is going to the same place. If they offer to pay you at a good rate, you can each exchange money directly.  

Or why don’t you just keep your money? If you don’t urgently need it now, then you’ll be able to use it the next time you go abroad.


Currency exchange isn’t limited to the high street. Buy-back services can be found online as well as in-store.

Preparation is usually key to finding the right option. Explore the market to identify which one is best for you.

Guaranteed buy-back may hold a solution as it essentially allows you to trade your foreign money at the rate that was available when you originally exchanged it.

Though this generally comes with a fee, it may be worth it. Particularly as Brexit uncertainty continues to affect the value of the pound.   

Explore different services

Plan spending in advance

Want to make the most of your finances? Then why don’t you create a spending plan ahead of your trip so that you are financially prepared? You could do this before you exchange your sterling for holiday money.

It’s simple to do — you just need to calculate the overall cost of the holiday and what you will need to spend once you are there. Make sure you take everything into account — even potential taxi fares.

You’ll then have a clearer idea of how much you need in foreign currency and you may be less likely to waste money if the pound’s value slumps while you’re on vacation.

Holidays can help us to feel rejuvenated. Nobody wants to return home to a poor deal on their travel money, and with these tips, you now don’t have to.