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Leggings and denim leggings are possibly the mean stepsister of skinny jeans: you thought you had seen them all out there, but now, my darling, we will introduce you to Freddy. Did you have any experience of leggings that in fact had the power and capacity to uplift your B-side rather than merely pressing into them? Get ready for a little trick then, and yes, while we work on maintaining a healthy diet and getting the body we want, there's no harm in being able to get a small hand in helping lift your back.

Freddy is an Italian brand that offers a wide range of clothing for men, women and children.  Originally created as a sports brand, in recent years it has been specialising in the world of fashion, giving life to the WR.UP® technology that has been introduced in recent years.  This technology is the result of years of research that today has given rise to the creation of various products belonging to Freddy's collection: from classic skinny denim, to straight, bell-shaped bottoms, shorts, and of course sports clothing.

What is Freddy?

How does the WR.UP® technology works?

The mark states that: " WR.UP® Denim maintains its distinctive touch between used and vintage, which is typical of denim garments, adding the sensuality and femininity typical of WR.UP® technology and Jersey fabrics".  Also the brand "The WR.UP® technology is the result of careful research, certified by numerous exclusive patents, and includes, among other things: a strip of silicone inserted into the inside of the belt to better adhere to the waistline, an extremely light silicone strip which is inserted into the hip/thigh area to create a shaping effect, an insertion on the gluteal areas with a special anatomical and curved shape which has been specifically studied to obtain a push-up look and a peculiar conformation of the crotch which, together with the materials and stitching used, perfectly sticks to the line among the glutes to produce a further push-up look". Yes, we can define them as a "butt bra", you may be thinking but it actually has the same effect.

At the end of the day, this technology involves the use of three different types of techniques:

The smoothing effect

The smoothing effect of Freddy WR.UP® perfectly wraps your waist, thighs and hips thanks to the high quality of the fabric, on which have been applied reinforcers in strategic positions.    

The lifting effect

WR.UP® is the exclusive 100% bi-elastic denim jersey that defines your shape, raises your B-side and wraps you like a second skin. Finally, perfection takes shape.

The shaping effect

WR.UP® enhances and sculpts your hips, keeping your pants high and in place with a special silicone band. Now your body is a work of art!

Nowadays Freddy push-up trousers are among the most popular brands of body shaping, and yes, it is true that body shaping clothing has been around for centuries, but today's Freddy push up pants are more elegant, more fashionable and easier to wear than ever before. With just one item of clothing, there's no need to wear shaping underwear. In addition, body shaping push-up pants not only look good, but can also be worn during demanding workouts.

Not all WR.UP® shaping pants are the same. There are different styles and patterns that work for different tastes. Let's see the most common types of designs used. Try them in:


Eco Leather

Basic Colours

Limited Edition



Regarding the size you need to pick up, Freddy pants/jeans fit true-to-size but, if you are in between sizes, we advise you select the larger size to get the best fit. To help you pick the best size, we suggest reviewing our Freddy Pants Size Charts in our website.

PLEASE beware of counterfeit pants. If you shop anywhere else, you're most likely getting a fake product of lower quality: always check the logo situated on the glutes.


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