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Could You Be A Travel Blogger?

From time to time, you can spot an uncommon job description for a talented travel blogger who agrees to share their visits of the most fantastic places on Earth against a generous monthly salary with all travel allowance covered. Surely it can't be true?! The opportunity called the Best Job On the Planet was an initiative launched by Third Home in 2017 to stay in luxury homes and create exciting memories that could be shared with the public. The idea was to encourage the audience to book a stay in one of the locations covered by the company. The competition for the job of travel blogger was international and received over 17,000 applicants.

Admittedly, not every travel blogger can make that kind of money overnight. But with practice and some smart tips, you could turn your travel blog hobby into an income-making venture too. After all, what's stopping you from creating your own best job on the planet?



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The clue is in the name. You're a travel blogger; hence you need not only to be able to write about your experiences but also to share visuals of the most exciting places you discover. In other words, if you don't know how to make high-quality photos and films, you might struggle to make a living out of your blogging activities. First of all, you need to work with reliable and performant equipment. But that's where you're lucky; nowadays, your smartphone is equipped to take images of professional quality. While you can also invest in a separate camera if you wish, you can do most of your photos and videos on your smartphone. As long as you can keep the device steady – a tripod can make a great deal of difference – and know where to get the best lighting, you can get excellent results to share on your vlog/blog.



Do you know how to record quality material?

Do you know mesmerising places?

Once you've practised your camera skills and your eye for details – the best travel bloggers can make even the dullest spots look magnificent –, you need to focus your attention on finding really colorful places that attract your readers' attention. Indeed, what keeps readers coming back to your blog is the juxtaposition of breathtaking shots mixing hues, textures and natural formations in the most unexpected way. It's not just a lagoon, for instance, it's the creamy Blue Lagoon in Iceland, clashing against the deep blue sky in the early evening. It's not just any Italian village; it's Cinque Terre, the vibrant community of five villages with bright painted houses by the sea. A good travel blogger plans the photos for each location.

Admittedly, while the world is a big place, you're not the first person to want to share their travel journeys. Your travel blog will be one of many. If you're going to make a living from it, you need to bring something new and different. You need to go beyond the typical information that is already available online. There's no need to take inspiration from Wikipedia articles to let your readers know about a place. You have to take them with you and allow them to follow your trip and share your experience. Therefore, the kind of experience you select is going to be detrimental. It defines your blogging angle. Will you be the blogger who travels with their dog? Are you the cofficionado who knows where to find the best brew in every city of the world?

Do you bring anything new?

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Can you monetise it?

Monetising your blog is the most challenging part of your venture. But it is also the most rewarding. Your priority is to define your niche. Your travel niche should not only be profitable, but it also should be something you're knowledgeable about. The niche is typically similar to your approach to travel – aka the thing that makes your travel blog unique. You can define it more in-depth with a keyword tool such as Google Keyword Planner, which shows the most competitive terms, and therefore the most profitable niche. Building up your audience will then make you appealing to affiliate marketers and brands, which can both guarantee a regular income.

Last, but not least, you need to understand how to create content that is not only indexed by search engines, but that can also attract visitors. SEO should always be part of your article strategy. Not only should you write blog articles for people but search engines too!

There is no best job on the planet opportunity for current travel bloggers. However, if you know how to make your blog stand out with beautiful images, exciting content and SEO-friendly strategies, you're best equipped to turn your blogging passion into a successful venture!



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