Car Maintenance You Need To Know About

When you get a car you hardly think of all the little components that all need to run smoothly in unison to make the car move correctly. So when driving you should always tune into your cars needs and how to maintain it to the best of it’s ability. So today I’ll be walking you through the importance of that maintenance, and all the facts that will make you whizz down your local garage for a check up.

There’s particular areas within the UK that can reek total havoc on your car. UK roads can be super dangerous if you haven’t got your car in tip top shape, especially your car brakes. As when it comes to the safety in your car, the brake system is your go-to when it comes to avoiding a lethal crash. When driving in urban areas like Essex or Brentwood you’re going to need to replace your brake pads to make your car safer. Local garages are really helpful when you want to drive safe in Essex, London or any parts of UK.

So If you’re looking for a local garage to get your car brakes inspected within areas like Chelmsford, visit Jet Wheel Tyre. They provide an incredible service for anyone who needs a point of call for car servicing.

During my job travelling I often find myself in the car with my boyfriend, and we often find situations that could compromise the car, pot holes in the road, uneven surfaces, occasions where we’ve had to make emergency stops for pedestrians who aren’t aware of their surroundings. So all of the above can happen to anyone, and make an impact on your car and how it functions.

Even the most seasoned drivers can suffer from having brake failures, so if there’s anyone out there who needs a hand with identifying the signs of

failing brakes these tips are for you.

Squeaking noises

If the brakes start making high pitched noises, then you know it’s time to check them out. This is where the pads have started to wear down, and can be expensive to replace if not seen to early. 


The rotor is crucial when it comes to braking, which should be as smooth as possible.

stephi LaReine car


If you brake and the car moves over to one side, then it’s time for a check up.


If you need to make a quick stop and the car bounces up or down, then this could be dust or moisture stuck, and requires a smidge of brake fluid.