4 Tips for planning a VIP event

It’s a well known fact that all event planning takes ages, and usually incredibly impossible to do last minute. Whether you’re planning a wedding, someone’s birthday or a business event there’s a couple of rules that should always be kept in mind. I absolutely adore planning for people, and organising decoration and making a plan come into reality. So here are the best tips for organising a VIP event. You can also hire an event management company like Niramit Creations to assist with the planning.

Before you jump in with catering, I’d spend a good amount of time working out where you want this event to be. One of my favourite ways of creating a space for a party is being outdoors, as even in horrible weather you can all huddle up inside. Luckily this doesn’t have to break the bank either as you can invest in renting a tent. Vision what you want this place to look like and work out whether you’d prefer an indoor or outdoor event. Will it be in a garden, manor house or a night club. 

Finding an ideal venue

Write lists for everything

I like to do this exercise for almost any important decision regarding work, I grab a piece of paper or a blank email and offload everything from my head. As when you come back you’ll instantly spot the best ideas (this tip isn’t just for VIP event planning, but life in general when planning something important) 

how to plan a vip event

The best way of promoting an event is to allow people to grab photos for social media and inform people how cool your VIP party was. So create selective moments that are super instagrammable, and will encourage your guests to get their phones and cameras out for a quick snap. 

Two ways I’ve personally enjoyed when attending events in photo booths with props - they’re just super fun and a great way for your guests to break the ice with each other and head home with fun fond memories of their night. 

Assessing needs for venues is essential, as it can easily make or break your event. For instance, Becar County residents are always looking for event and party rentals in San Antonio that ensure availability of large tents, rental chairs and tables, catering equipment like popcorn machines, bouncy houses for kids, karaoke machines etc. You need to understand where you want the event to be held so that your guests can find it easily and enjoy their time without any inconvenience.

Create memorable opportunities

Send guests home with a bag of goodies

Everyone loves a gift right? The best parties I go to always send me home with a few bits, whether its a couple of business cards, a leaflet/press release on the event or simply a few beauty goodies. Think about your guests and what they’d love to receive in a bag, that in itself is a little photo opportunity to celebrate whatever it is that you’re celebrating. No one can argue that receiving a little bit of chocolate or a lipstick doesn’t make their heart sing!