Your Online Guide to the Best Eyewear Designers to Ensure You Look Your Best

The days of being judged and teased for wearing glasses are long over. Now, eyeglasses are often seen as a great way to accessorize your outfit and your face. The right design by the best eyewear designers can make your glasses flattering and create envy in others when they see you in them.

But how do you know what the right style is for your face shape and which designers to go to for that style? You don’t have to wonder anymore! Here is your online guide to the top eyewear designers, so you are sure to look your best in your new spectacles.


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Your eyeglasses should be as individual as your personality. A good eyewear boutique knows this and offers an extensive array of designs and designers in their selection.

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Luckily, eyewear boutiques are out there, and buying your glasses from them ensures you get excellent quality frames and lenses for your optical needs and sunglasses in a design that matches your style and suits your face shape. Daily contact lenses are best bought online.


Flattering Eyewear is Easier to Find Than You May Think

10 Designer Styles You Must Try:

1. Oakleys

Commonly known for its sunglasses, Oakley manufactures amazing eyeglasses, too. The company is at the top of their class for creating frames that are classic, so they are never out of style and go with any outfit or occasion. They use durable but lightweight materials for your comfort and active lifestyle, and they can be individualized for your preferences.

Retro is back in style, and it has dominated the eyewear world with a vengeance. If you are looking for cat’s-eye frames, full-coverage glasses that take over your face, and other styles circa the ’50s and ’60s, Oliver & Claire Goldsmith have you covered. Vintage style is incorporated into modern classics, and we have never been happier to see a trend repeated.


2. Oliver & Claire Goldsmith

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3. Ray Bans

These classic aviator glasses first appeared all the way back in 1937. After more than eight decades of product manufacturing, they are still going strong. Now, Ray Ban offers way more than their old aviators, though. You can find eyeglasses in frames ranging from professional and classic to wild and crazy. It’s your face; you should be able to choose your style.


With Tom Davies glasses, each frame is made by hand and made to measure. Through a series of photographs and exact measurements, the optometrist or eye specialist creates the dimensions necessary for your perfect frames and then submits them to the Tom Davies design studio. Your individualized eyewear is then handmade in their workshop.


4. Tom Davies

5. Seraphin by Ogi

If you are looking for a design unlike anything you have ever seen before, check out the Seraphin line by Ogi Eyewear. They have created an eyewear segment that has been dubbed “Neoclassic” eyewear, or glasses that are the vision of the future. Their styles are classic with a modernistic edge to create a whole new line of glasses that will be still worn by the elite well into the future.


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With a name as fun as Maui Jim, you know you are getting a pair of glasses with personality. Of course, the Maui Jim line originated in Hawaii when the designers realized the enormous need for sunglasses that blocked the light but also protected the wearer from the harsh and dangerous UVA and UVB rays of the sun. With polarized lenses and frames that can be fitted for prescription lenses, there is something for everyone in the Maui Jim line.

6. Maui Jim

7. Iyoko Inyake

These glasses were actually designed in Belgium, but they are handcrafted in Japan. They are made out of titanium and cellulose acetate, so they are virtually indestructible but always stylish. The material that comprises these individualized glasses lets them create frames with vibrant colors not seen anywhere else in any eyewear line. Iyoko Inyake loves to experiment with style and color explosions, so if you are looking to stand out, this is your brand.

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Have you never heard of this designer? Well, you should have, because you likely have heard of her celebrity clients. With famous names touting her eyewear like Elton John, John Lennon, Robin Williams, and John Travolta, you know you are getting quality eyewear by Jhane Barnes. Her frames run the gamut from professional and sleek to sporty, and her frames are all menswear.



8. Jhane Barnes

9. Timex

More than just watches, Timex has made a name for themselves in the eyewear industry, too. They offer men’s frames in sophisticated, professional styles. While the colors are all subtle and quiet, they are also unique and individualized. Whether you are looking for thin frames or thick and chunky ones, Timex has a style for you.



Peter Coombs likes to consider his glasses “jewelry for the face,” and it shows. His frames are works of art, and many of them are one-of-a-kind. If you want glasses like no other person’s and you love to be stylish and trendy, his eyewear is exactly what you are looking for.


10. Peter Coombs