When The Dress Code Is A Little Classy

Do you ever get super stressed out when the dress code is anything more than jeans and a nice top?! Because we know we do. When the dress code is classy, all of these thoughts start racing through your mind. You’ve got to have the accessories to match the outfit, the outfit to match the occasion, and the glam to go with it. But it’s not often when the dress code comes as classy.

As classy as most of us go is for a cocktail on the evening, and even that is not as regular as the years go on. When a classy occasion, such as a wedding or some sort of party come up, that extra bit of effort is something we actually love. For a girl, the planning usually begins weeks before, and that’s even when the stress starts coming in. Because at the end of the day, if the occasion is saying that you should be classy, you want to make sure that you look your absolute best. So keep on reading, and let us talk you through what to do when the dress code is a little classy.


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So the first thing that runs through any girls mind when they know they’re going to any occasion at all, is what is everyone else wearing. Although the dress code is classy, you don’t want to make the mistake of going too casual, or going too classy that you look out of place. So one way of getting your outfit to look on point that we’ve learnt, is to get a little bit crafty and sort one yourself. For a classy occasion, silk suppliers would be your best option to go with. Silk is such a fine material to wear, and when it’s on and on the right dress style, it looks totally amazing. But we’re not expecting you to be an expert, you could also have someone make it for you, with your design idea in mind. If someone is good on the sewing machine and has had practice before, there’s no reason why they couldn’t fashion you something amazing!


Getting Your Outfit On Point

The Glam Side Of Things

The glam side of things is something that could easily make or break the day. Glam is something you will no doubt pride yourself in, but all it takes is a bad skin day, and your whole life is ruined. So, why not think about going to a salon to get glammed up. You could curl your own hair, but have a beautician do your makeup to make you feel wonderful. There’s nothing better than when a professional does it, and they just make you look and feel all incredible.


Finishing touches are the ones that are going to make you feel the most elegant. So we’re talking your shoes, your bag, and your jewelry. For your shoes, thin heels are pretty much essential for a classy event. As for the jewellery, dainty little earrings, and maybe a ring and a watch is all you will need to go for.


The Finishing Touches