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Unlocking the Dress Code: 5 Dress Ideas for an Engagement Party

Congrats, someone’s engaged! Even if the big day isn’t for a year or two, one thing is for sure: the next formal dress you’re going to be wearing will be at yours or your loved one’s engagement party.

Usually, at an engagement party, it’s custom that the soon-to-be-bride wears a white or cream dress that is shorter than a traditional wedding dress. Meanwhile, guests typically dress less formal, preferably in a color other than white.

Well, times have changed, and engagement parties have different dress codes. Today, there are endless dress options at hand that are suitable for an engagement party in various colors, prints, shapes, and lengths. Whether you’re the soon-to-be-bride or just a guest, consider the following dress ideas for an engagement party.



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You can’t go wrong with classic attire. If the engagement party is taking place in the spring or summer, an off-the-shoulder, 1940s-inspired cocktail dress can be fitting for the warmer weather, and not to mention, can add a little sexiness to your overall appearance. A classic red, black, or white cocktail dress looks incredible with a pair of pearl earrings and a pearl necklace.


Classic Cocktail Dress

Short Sleeve Swing Dress

For those who consider themselves baggy t-shirt kind of girls, you’ll still find short sleeve swing dresses cosy yet semi-formal for an engagement party. The short, flowy skirt; the higher neckline; and the addition of sleeves makes this style of dress perfect for both girly-girls and tomboys alike. To top it off, swing dresses pair nicely with both casual and formal jewelry.


If you’re all about casual and comfortable wear, a sleeveless maxi dress from Filly Flair Dress Boutique will do just fine for some engagement parties. The many colors and prints maxis come in can add liveliness to the celebration while still featuring a formal skirt length. As a bonus, maxi dresses are flexible, lightweight, comfy, and look stunning with flats or bejeweled sandals.


Colorful Sleeveless Maxi Dress

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Sequin Bodycon Dress

Those who love glitz and glam may find themselves interested in wearing a sequin bodycon dress at an engagement party. Bodycon are conservative in that they often have a higher neckline and long sleeves. Yet, they are fitted and shorter in length, allowing the wearer to show off somebody, especially legs. Wear fun heels with a bodycon, and you’ll be complete.


Having trouble deciding between a shorter or longer dress? Get the best of both worlds with a high low ruffle dress! The addition of ruffles can add some sassy flair to your appearance that will certainly draw all eyes in. Draw eyes to your legs in your high low dress with silver, open-toed heels, or amp up your formality with long, glittery nails or dangly earrings.


For some women, finding the perfect engagement party dress is harder than it may seem. However, while engagement parties are normally formal, there isn’t really a specific style, length, or color of the dress you are required to wear. That said, finding a dress that aesthetically suits your fancy and has the level of comfort you’re hoping for is key.


High Low Ruffle Dress