Red Rum Club Interview

You've no doubt heard their name on the gig circuit numerous amount of times. Liverpool went absolutely mental when the news was unveiled that Liverpool's own Red Rum Club will be at Sound City 2019. With a plethora of sold out shows spanning across the UK, Red Rum Club have been making waves for a number of years and things couldn't get any more exciting for the boys right now with their release of Matador. I caught up with them to chat the future of Red Rum Club, rising to the top tables of the charts and the backstage life behind one of the UK's biggest indie bands right now.

Major congratulations on getting sky high in the UK album charts, UK downloads and indie charts - the album is quite remarkable. Can you tell me a little more about the creative process and any running themes on the album? Also the name behind Matador?

Thank you! We’re all really proud of our first album and we’re over the moon with how well it’s been received. There are a few different themes involved with this album. We have been close friends for a number of years before Red Rum Club came to fruition and the lyrics to a lot of the tracks tell stories of our experiences individually and together over the past number of years. Tom had the main creative input on the songwriting of this album and Chris Taylor at Parr Street Studios helped us to make the songs what they are today. We would also like to give Lee Kent a special mention for his amazing art work.

The album name

Personal highlights

You've all been together for some years, from playing pubs to selling out tours - what's been a personal highlight?

Like we say, we’ve been close friends for a long time now and I think we have all adopted the same mentality, friends first band second. The fact that we’ve been able to go over to the likes of South Korea together, play some incredible festivals, make an album and play sold out shows up and down the country feels amazing. But it’s always better when you’re with your mates.

What can we expect from Red Rum Club in 2019? Any exciting news?

We started the year on the front foot by releasing our debut album on 11th January so that’s available now! We have a UK Tour in March to look forward to with This Feeling, some really exciting festivals to be announced, and a big show in Liverpool O2 Academy on September 28th. Tickets are already moving extremely fast.


red rum club y not festival

The future

Ideally where do we see you all in 10 years time?

We’ve been doing this for so long now that it’s like a big family. I think we will always be together and make music regardless of the results. We would like to make this our full time living and be able to focus on it wholeheartedly. We’re putting everything we can into this and there aren’t really any boundaries when it comes to our ambitions. We want to be an international act, release albums and headline festivals, otherwise what’s the point?

Having been backstage at a lot of your gigs and from home in Liverpool, I can see RRC works like a family. So aside from being onstage do the band members have any particular roles that their audience may not see?

Being a band in today’s world is so much more than being on stage together as I’m sure our audience would know. The bands profile is almost as important as the music itself. There are a number of jobs we assign to each other to help raise our profiles. But we can’t give away our secret winning formula...



We hear there's chat about a vinyl on the horizon, are we thinking the entire album or just one special single?

Vinyl talk is still early days. We have some amazing support from our followers and we’re sure it would do well but there aren’t any bigger plans to announce just yet. We imagine we would do a special edition run with the full album plus a few fan favourites that didn’t make the first album!


If you'd like to catch Red Rum Club, come see them play one of their biggest shows in their hometown at Sound City Festival 2019. The tickets are running out, so grab yours quickly!