Jewellery Must-Haves For Your Spring Look

The most beautiful thing that I love about jewellery is it’s important power to completely revolutionise a look. You could wear a simple little black dress, but have some dazzling earrings or a statement ring to truly switch up a look into something special. 

Today I’ll be talking you through some of my favourite pieces from Pomegranate Jewellery who have caught my eye in their beautiful rings, watches, bracelets and earrings. Which I believe would compliment anyone as we’re slowly coming up to festival season, where your jewellery can shimmer in the sunlight and feel free to go over the top with your outfits. 


In my opinion, you can never ever go wrong with too many bangles, you might jingle a little more when you move. But however I find that it’s a great way to utilise the latest spring trend of stacking in your favour. To jazz up the common jewellery idea of minimal bangles, why not try out more embellishes bangles, like a link chain or a bangle with a gemstone set in it. 

Bangles & Cuffs


Pendant Necklace

I’ve always found pendant necklaces on people super flattering, there’s so many varieties to showcase your personality, whether you want your birth stone set into a necklace or sport a simple charm around your neck. With necklaces you can truly experiment, build layers of different variant heights and if you dare try something bold and statement within your ensemble. 

gemstone rings

Both trends above go simply hand in hand with my final and favourite - Gemstone rings. 

Rings are easily my favourite part of any jewellery addition to an outfit.  I love how delicate, simple and yet tasteful they look adding some extra attention to beautiful hands, and looks utterly beautiful when paired with freshly done nails. You should always invest in your jewellery as you could be potentially allergic to some cheaper materials and find a staining on your fingers. 

Also as we’re in 2019 where everyone is aiming to be sustainable, it’s important to find jewellery that you’ll wear for life and always cherish. And as you grow older, it can be passed down from generations to generations. 

Gemstone Rings