How Underwear Can Empower You

As a society, everyone naturally makes assumptions about people based on their appearance or the clothes they are wearing. However, we all know it’s really what’s hiding behind the façade and how the clothes make us feel that is more important.

For years, the media have objectified women in their underwear. Even Adriana Lima, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, announced last year that she will not take off her clothes any more for an ‘empty cause’. Slowly but surely, this objectification is becoming a thing of the past. Lingerie should be about more than just sex. In fact, feeling good in your lingerie should really be the first step in feeling great and looking forward to the day ahead.

For so long, ladies’ knickers and other related underwear products were seen as a sexual and intimidating thing; something private only meant for your partner. In other words, lingerie was often made with men in mind, with a purpose to be worn in order to please someone else. But why can’t you enjoy your own underwear, just as much as your partner would?

stephi LaReine bikini

Modern underwear is now created with so many beautiful designs and enhancements, it’s a shame for them to just end up on the bedroom floor. From sparkling gems, lace inserts, beautiful colours and frill detailing, it’s clear that women’s knickers need a better purpose than simply just covering your private area!

Instead, underwear should signify something much more than just a functional piece of clothing. There are many underwear brands out there that are now recognizing this and creating seamless panties for women in mind; not just for the benefit of their male counterparts. being EBY one of them.

Knickers and other lingerie items should represent empowerment, femininity and sexiness. Underwear should inspire you and motivate you, not just serve a purpose as a boring first layer to put on in the morning.



Empowering underwear made with women in mind

Express yourself through your underwear

Lingerie can be a way of expressing yourself, even if you do put other clothes on top of it. Your choice of knickers and bra can express the things you don’t necessarily want to reveal to the rest of the world.

There’s a style of underwear for every mood; the lacy thong when you’re feeling flirty, the skirted French knicker when you’re feeling a little romantic, or simple briefs when you just want to chill out.

Women’s knickers are seemingly evolving in a new way; moving away from being purely functional and instead becoming more fashionable and fun. If you need any more convincing, here are some reasons why you should empower yourself through investing in beautiful underwear!



Buying beautiful underwear for yourself is the best show of self-love. Showing yourself care and affection doesn’t always have to mean a face mask or an early night; you need to treat yourself a little more every now and again!

Buying something for yourself is a great way to remind yourself that you deserve a treat every now and again, and why not make it underwear?

Beautiful underwear is also a celebration of your body. In a world where body positivity is becoming more popular, it’s time for you to embrace what you have! Whatever your size or shape, don’t cover it up; slip into something that suits your figure and enhances your assets. Lingerie is a great way to boost your confidence and make you feel great about yourself, especially with beautiful fabrics and flattering fits.



Why you need to invest in beautiful knickers