4 Ways to Record More Impressive Travel Videos on a Smartphone

Many smartphones nowadays have really good cameras that are definitely capable of recording high quality videos. But if you intend to use yours to record impressive travel videos, you need to know how to go about it.

While there are many ways to record better travel videos, the best ways to record travel videos that look truly impressive are to:


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Be sure to look for good lighting when you travel, and use it to record far more impressive videos. The sensor on your smartphone’s camera is small, and it needs good lighting to record high quality videos.

Try to make sure most of the footage that you record is captured in areas that are brightly lit. On top of that if your schedule allows for it you should try to record outdoor footage during the golden hour – to take advantage of the excellent lighting conditions during that time.

Make sure the lighting is good

Keep your smartphone steady

While you record travel videos your smartphone should remain as steady as possible. Shaky videos are definitely less impressive – and you should try to avoid that as far as possible.

It can help to use a tripod stand or a stabilizer of some kind to ensure your camera is steady. However if you want to just hold the camera in your hands you should be sure that you use both of them – and lock your elbows at your side for additional support.



Try to adjust the settings on your camera so that you record at a high resolution and frame rate – so that your travel video’s definition is better and it looks smoother.

At a minimum you should try to record in 1080p at 30fps, though 60fps would be better. On top of that if your smartphone can record 4K videos you should take advantage of the benefits of doing so – including the fact that it will give you more leeway to crop and adjust the composition later.

Be prepared for the fact that recording in a higher resolution and frame rate will fill up your smartphone’s storage much more quickly however.


Record at a high resolution and frame rate

Move physically closer and don’t use the zoom

Digital zoom has a bad reputation – which is partially deserved at very least. While the digital zoom on your smartphone may not be as bad as it is made out to be, it is still far better to move physically closer to the subject you’re recording instead of zooming in.

At the end of the day if you get closer to the subject you’ll be able to reveal a lot more detail than you could be using the digital zoom. That will make your videos look a lot more impressive overall, and help them to stand out.

While you record travel footage you should make it a point to curate and transfer videos from your smartphone to some other storage so that it doesn’t fill up.

At the same time you may want to use Movavi Video Converter to convert and edit your videos in various ways. Its features will let you fix the quality, rotate, crop, and resize videos. In fact it can even easily be used as a video compressor if you want to reduce the file size of your videos to make storing them easier.

All in all recording impressive travel videos on a smartphone isn’t really that difficult. It will require a bit of practice on your part however, but if you’re willing to do that you could be recording great-looking travel footage in no time.