Wedding Entertainment Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Keeping your guests entertained on your wedding day can ensure that it’s a memorable occasion for them too. Whilst you may still want to hire a DJ, here are a few other alternative entertainment ideas that could also be worth giving a go.



Hiring a live band could be a great way to kick off your reception party. There are many bands that specialise in playing weddings, which you can find at sites like https://www.alivenetwork.com/hirelivemusic/wedding_bands_in.asp?area=London. The best bands will be able to cover a range of songs from a variety of styles – you can usually choose the setlist so that it’s all songs you love.  

Opt for a live band

Hire a magician

You could also consider hiring a magician to make your wedding all the more enchanting. This could be great entertainment to accompany dinner – you could arrange for the magician to perform at each table whilst people are waiting for their food so that people don’t get bored.

A fireworks display could be a way of celebrating the beginning of your new chapter with a bang. Fireworks displays are best reserved until the evening and you’ll need to be certain that the venue permits fireworks. You’re best hiring a fireworks display company as found at this site https://www.starfireworks.co.uk/.

Put on a firework display

Set up a casino table

For a touch of the Las Vegas wedding experience, you could also consider setting up a casino table. By hiring a professional croupier, you’ll get an authentic casino experience. This could be a great way of keeping guests entertained in the evening allowing them to compete against one another at card games. Not all venues permit gambling, so you may want to look into this before booking this entertainment option.

It’s possible to combine catering and entertainment by hiring a team of singing waiters. This could be a fun entertainment option that you can keep as a surprise for your guests. There can find specialist companies that offer this service at sites like https://www.singing-waiters.co.uk/about/. Some of these waiters are even West End trained!

Get served by singing waiters

Rent a fairground carousel

To add some childhood magic, you could even consider hiring a fairground carousel. Kids are certain to love this (and adults may love it too!). You could even go the extra mile and rent out some other fairground attractions.


If there are likely to be kids coming to your wedding, you may want to consider hiring a kids’ entertainer to keep them occupied. This could ensure that the kids have fun, whilst also allowing their parents to relax and enjoy the wedding. Such entertainers may be able to arrange games, do face-painting, host treasure hunts and organise craft activities – you can find an example of one such company here https://www.sharkyandgeorge.com/parties/family-celebrations.



Book a children’s entertainer