Travel The West Coast Of America

The thing with the United States of America is that it is big, very very big. And because of that, it can be hard to know where to start. So, with that in mind, we are going to give you a rundown of just one part of it, the west coast. The entire nation is fantastic for tourist and the west coast is no different, so we will break it down and have a look at some ideas for your next trip to the US through the lens of two states.


Before Canada breaks up the US into two sections, there is the state of Washington. Not to be confused with the home of the president, this part of America is a place of true natural beauty and cultural phenomenons. You will never be lost for things to do in Seattle, the largest city in the Evergreen State, and its many iconic stores and locations. Being the home of some of America’s most culturally important musicians including Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, this part of the world is known as the birthplace of grunge. It seems only natural then that Seattle is the home of the Museum of Pop Culture as well as the famous Space Needle tower that you can travel to the top of for unparalleled views of Seattle.

Outside of Seattle, Washington is a place of incredible natural beauty. The Olympic National Park is a spot that even the most well-travelled of explorers will find their breath being taken away. Lake Crescent and Hurricane Ridge are just two of the stunning backdrops to this beautiful part of the world that will make you forget that city life ever existed in the first place.



Further down the coast you will come to California, and you simply can’t discuss the west coast of the US without paying attention to the Golden State. Many people are comfortable enough to spend their entire time in this section of the US just in California because of its many different cities, cultures, and locations that you can explore. The most visited, just, city of California is Anaheim and this is mostly due to it being the site of Disneyland - the most iconic of all the theme parks that this great country has to offer.

Just up from Anaheim there is the city of Angels, Los Angeles. LA is one of those places that you can get lost in for days and still not even scratch the surface of what is going on. There is, of course, the region of Hollywood where you can see the walk of fame and the home of the Oscars, Dolby Theatre. While down towards the coasts there is the stunning Santa Monica where the beach life is thriving.

Finally, towards the top of California there is San Francisco, here you would have landmarks and historically significant locations to keep you busy. There is the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the greatest feats of human engineering ever made, and just off of the coast there is Alcatraz Island; once home to America’s most notorious criminals, a tour of Alcatraz should be a must-do to anyone in this part of the world.