Three Reasons Why Majorca is Ideal for a Girl’s Trip

Beaches. Festivals. Beauty. These are just three reasons to visit Majorca. Oh, and its rich history, of course. And perhaps its warmth. In fact, the Balearic island hosts an array of delights. Anyone can enjoy these – especially someone on a girl’s trip.

We explore the three main reasons why.  



No two people are the same –this applies to you and your friends, too. Each of you will no doubt like to perform different activities.

And so, you may want a villa or apartment that can accommodate all your different needs. Enter Majorca. Its capital – Parma – hosts holidays lodgings within walking distance of various sites of interest.

Through a Villa Plus experience, you can chill by the sea while your girlfriends venture to the local market. Or visit the mountains and a spa retreat on the same day. Select the right lodgings, and you and your travel team needn’t worry about how you’ll get from A to B.

Its accommodation makes Majorca ideal for large groups – particularly those comprised of ladies.



1. Ideal Lodgings

2. Classy Chill-Out Spaces

Majorca boasts a vibrant nightlife. But its clubs aren’t just for after-dark. Very often, they’re relaxing to visit during the day.

Just imagine it. You’re lying on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand, the Mediterranean Sea in front of you. Doesn’t it sound idyllic? At a Beach Club, you could enjoy this very scene. Even better, your close friends can share it with you.

In a space like this, you’ll all be able to bond and unwind at the same time. And isn’t that what girl’s trips are all about?



Majorca offers many mini adventures. You could all go on an epic bike ride through its vast countryside, for example. Or a nature trail in one of its natural parks.

Even if your group isn’t that keen on exercise, it will certainly be worth it for the photo opportunities. And, of course, the selfies.

The island is a tapestry of European history. Therefore, it will likely pique the interest of any avid historian. If you – or any of your girlfriends – love learning, why don’t you explore its diverse heritage?

Alternatively, if you prefer modern culture, you all attend one of its lively festivals. A reliable travel brochure will list each one – and its theme. Choose the best one for the whole team, and you could all enjoy the event of a lifetime.

Majorca delivers a score of activities for every taste and preference.

If you’ve been considering a girl’s trip, why not go for it? It could be just what you and your pals need to feel refreshed after a chilly winter. And where better for this than the sunny haven that is Majorca? Holiday here, and you can achieve your dream trip – in the company of your closest friends.



3. Mini Adventures