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The power of perfume

I believe people really underestimate the power of perfume and the way it can be utilised to set a mood or tone in a situation. One of the largest contributions to our memory is through the power of smell. Think about to a really good time you had, maybe you smelt freshly mowed grass or your favourite dish coming out the oven. You can basically visualise everything that was happening during that moment right? That’s how incredible smell is. 

So when we head to the shop to pick out a cheap perfume or aftershave, we’ll always remember that smell on yourself or another. 

So I wanted to talk about why we should invest in good perfumes and the difference it makes. 


As I mentioned, perfume tells a story. I like to pick out my perfumes according to where I’m heading to. If I’m ready to bounce out for date night and feel super great about myself, then I’ll wear a darker, sophisticated perfume with a hint of musk. Some of my favourites have tobacco and coffee notes within it. 

However on a daily basis, I turn to more floral or fruity perfumes that are subtle and light to spritz on. I like to have a narrative with my perfume. One particular brand I’ve grown fond of is Miller Harris who have a huge variety from intimate subtle smells to smoky romantic and dark flavours. 

Create a perfume narrative

Top tips for buying perfume: 

Let the perfume sit on your skin for a while before choosing to buy it. Not all perfumes smell perfect on each of us, my friend told me whilst working in a perfume shop that she couldn’t stand certain smells on particular people as their natural smell didn’t go hand in hand. So before purchasing, walk around the shop and let you and your smell work together and see if you like it. 

If you’re trying out various perfumes, most perfume counters have a bag of coffee beans that help to realign your nose and clear the nostrils.

Don’t feel pressured to buy from perfume ladies, take your time and a few moments to work out what suits you, or if you’re buying for someone else. 

Ask your friends and family if you can try out their perfumes, as it could potentially suit you also. I have no idea if natural scents can be hereditary, but for some crazy reason, myself, my mum and sister all have the exact taste in perfumes. So worth an ask! 

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