Picking Jewellery For Life

It seems like the trending topic of late is sustainability & how we can save the planet in as many ways as possible. In 2019, everyone is making better choices like purchasing less plastic water bottles and having re-useable ones. One other major lifestyle choice that everyone has been taking up is to pick wisely with their fashion. Investing their money into lifelong pieces that will always be in style and always suit their personality. So today I wanted to share with you all a piece of jewellery that will always grace my hand (no it’s not an engagement, not yet anyway!) which is my favoured Gucci ring from Peter Jacksons Jewellers. 

Peter Jacksons Jewellery 2019

For years I’ve had numerous amounts of rings, from costume jewellery to diamond rings. But I’d always wanted a piece that suited me, in my colour, style and would be sentimental. Well luckily I was invited down to the Blackburn store to pick out my favourite ring and try out my first in-store ring fitting.  

The ring I picked out was the Gucci Double G Flower Ring in sterling silver. It perfectly encompassed everything I wanted in a ring, flowers with mother of pearl, turquoise-colored resin and blue topaz stones. For someone as fair skinned with delicate looking hands it correlated perfectly. 

The Ring

Stephi LaReine blogger in Peter Jacksons Jewellers

Peter Jacksons

Peter Jacksons Jewellers pride themselves in creating beautiful and bespoke jewellery. Need a specific cut, colour and style? That’s no problem to them - they’ve got your back. With a huge range of rare stones, there’s certainly a jewellery style for everyone. Also let’s not forget to mention the in-store service from the Peter Jackson team, who are deeply passionate about their jewellery and helped out with trying out some of the other Gucci pieces. 

There’s just something so assuring about sitting down in the shop and trying everything out in person to make sure you walk away with a huge smile, a little bag full of goodies, and knowing they fit you perfectly.  They’re a family run jeweller, and take great care and detail into providing for each of their collections. Peter himself travels to various locations to seek out the finest loose diamonds. 

Stephi LaReine blogger in Peter Jacksons Jewellers

Having an in-store consultation completely changed my mind about how we should pick jewellery - it should be celebrated as a moment of indulgence and carefully personalised. Since my visit just before Christmas, I've started to go through my own jewellery collection and make better choices. Donating old jewellery to friends and family. Whilst the remainder has gone off to charity shops, the aim is to not throw away but simply to find new homes. However my Gucci flower ring will always stay with me as my number one favourite piece in my collection.


Stephi LaReine blogger in Peter Jacksons Jewellers
Stephi LaReine blogger in Peter Jacksons Jewellers


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