Cycling Fashion: Standing Out from the Crowd

Cycling used to be the fit man’s mode of transport to work, but cycling has soared in popularity as big cities have become more congested with cars and more bike-friendly routes infrastructure have been established from extensive city planning. If you’re the kind that likes to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to have problems with that because you’re just like any ordinary cyclist on his or her daily commute.

Whether you’re cycling in the city or suburbs, there are a bunch of cool ways to spice up the look of your bike without compromising or affecting its performance. This article covers some of the simplest ways to do so without spending a fortune!




Valve caps don’t usually come to mind when it comes to making your bike look cool. It seems like they just disappear into thin air after a year or two. However, you can replace that boring piece of plastic with customized valve caps that will enhance the visuals of your bike. Some valve caps incorporate LED lights which make you become more visible on the road and is especially useful when it’s dark out. Check out some of these variations of valve caps and you’ll be surprised how much personality you can add to your bike with some small customizations.

Valve Caps

Revolights Eclipse

If you really want heads to turn, installing a pair of Revolights Eclipse will do just that. These lights fit right into your rims and provide 360° visibility which your traditional front-and-back lights don’t. These lights also warn road users from behind when you’re slowing down with its smart brake light technology, as well as it's first of its kind turn signal functionality. You’ll ride safer and catch the attention of passersby!

There’s nothing wrong with using the standard cable sets that come with your bike. Functional? Sure. Cool? Not really. You can switch these with cable sets sporting a bunch of colours you thought you wouldn’t have on your bike at your local bicycle accessories shop. This won’t help with visibility on the road, but you can tell your bike apart from others just from the cool cables.

Cable Sets

Bicycle Bags

Bicycle bags or briefcases come in many sizes and colours these days. Whether it’s rustic brown or vibrant red, it’s an awesome way to add some character to your bike. Sick of carrying heavy messenger bags on your back? No worries, these bicycle bags latch on to the frame of your bicycle without compromising your movement. This gives your back the freedom it needs after a long day at work. I’ve also seen people bringing their puppies and small dogs out for a stroll in them, which contributes to the “aawww” factor.

Are the Revolights too flashy for your liking? Don’t worry, I’ve found another option for you. The Reelight GO is a great option for the modern minimalist. A magnetic base is permanently installed on your handlebars and seat post, and whenever you feel like popping these lights on, just lock the lights onto the magnetic base and the lights will automatically light up. Easy on, easy off. It’s worth mentioning that these lights won a Reddot design award in Germany, which speaks volume of its innovative design.

Reelight Bike Lights

Electric Bike Kits

These kits are not exactly for fashion, but they can enhance your bike’s functionality and performance. From electric engines to speedometers, there are tons of electric bike gadgets, tools, and kits to level up your ride. If you’re looking for faster and heavier, you can convert your current ride to a motorized bike. You can still use it like a regular bike, but if you want to reach somewhere faster without working up a sweat, then you can just let the motor do the work for you. It’s very convenient for people who commute by bicycle every day or those who don’t want to drive a car.

There you have it… modifying your bike doesn’t require thousands of dollars. In fact, a couple of cheap tweaks here and there can really help you stand out from the crowd. Happy riding!

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