Alternative Careers For Creative and Free Spirited Folks

Does the idea of being stuck in a grey office cubicle from 8am to 6pm make you cry inside? Well, you're not the only one! In fact, there are many of us free-spirited folks that can't think of anything worse than spending our working lives wearing grey polyester suits! Luckily, times are a-changin’, and there are plenty of less mainstream ways to earn a living, without having to sell your soul in the process. In fact, you can read my post below to get the lowdown on some of the best of them.

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Urgh! Aren't you just sick of people telling you that you won't make a go of a career in the visual arts because artists all wind up poor and starving? Of course what these folks tend to forget is that visual arts industry is an enormous part of everything that happens online from user interfaces on websites, to advertisements, to animations, to branding and even infographics.

What this means is that a creative person can most definitely make a career from their artistic skills. In fact, one of the best ways to do this is to go into graphic design, a field that deals with communicating visual ideas with clarity, and so is much in demand in the current market.

Of course, there are other ways that you can make your living as well such as character design for computer games, photography, and even illustration. As an added bonus, all of these good paying jobs rarely do drug testing, according to this blog, so they’re suitable for those taking CBD or other potent supplements.

However, what you do need to remember is that any visually creative work tends to be super competitive to get into. What that means is that not only do you need the qualification behind you, but you also need to have a damn good portfolio as well, and that applies whether you are hoping to freelance or work for a particular business or agency.


Art & graphic design


One of the most flexible job options for a free-spirited and creative person is to make money from putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard in this case. Yes, I'm talking about writing, especially blogging because this with some hard work and a little some shameless self-promotion it can be something you can make profitable enough to be your full-time job.

Of course, some of the most significant benefits of blogging is that you get to write about things you are passionate about, as well as meet and communicate with people from all over the world.

And it's not the end. When you develop writing skills you always have a lot of variation of work. Even if you are a mom and don't have a lot of time to spend near the computer. The experts of are people who specialize in absolutely different types of disciplines. So, you can always find your way to develop writing skills and help people to find their voice in the essay.

In fact, many successful bloggers choose this career because they can work as digital nomads while documenting their travels. Something that means even the freest of spirits won't get bored! With a wide variety of flexible workspaces sprinkled throughout Liverpool – as well as cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham – finding a place to hunker down and work is easier than ever.


Next, creative and free-spirited folks often benefit from choosing a career that means they don't have to get stuck behind a desk all day. One such career in particular that can meet these requirements is a job as a fitness and wellbeing instructor.

Of course, there are a range of paths you can choose to accomplish this, not least getting your qualification for personal training and working within a gym. However, this is  certainly not the only road you can follow.

In fact, something that often suits the free thinking and often spiritual nature of these types of people is to work in the area of holistic health and wellness.

Luckily, there are many possible options here as well including nutritionist, acupuncturist, and even masseuse. You may even wish to consider teaching mindful exercise class such as tai chi, yoga or pilates. The latter pilate being a fitness activity that is focused on developing core strength and balance and has been reported to provide many benefits both physical and mental to those that practice it.

Of course, just like you would when choosing any other career path, it is well worth investigating what a pilates instructor salary is like before you make a commitment. After all, you need to not only be happy in the work that you do but ensure that it will pay enough to allow you to live your best life as well.

Fitness and wellbeing instructor

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Sometimes free spirits make the best entrepreneurs. OK, so they may not have the experience that someone that has worked in sales or the financial sector all their life has, but what they have instead is an alternative way of seeing the world, relating to their customers, and providing them with something that no one else has thought of.

In fact, free-spirited entrepreneurs are much more likely to be able to tap into the collective conscious, not only regarding the products that they offer but also cornering the environmental impact of their business as well. Something that we certainly need a lot more of in the time to come, if we as a people are to balance profit with our planet successfully, along with the wellbeing of future generations.


If the music moves you, you may have already thought about making it a career. Of course, if you do end up working in the music business, you are likely to find many other creative and often incredibly free spirited people to keep you company.

However, this is another area in which things can become particularly competitive. In fact, in the worst case scenario, individual creativity can be squeezed out in order to conform to what those with the money and power to invest want.

Happily, there are other options to consider when making a career out of your music including writing your own songs and publishing them on platforms like SoundCloud or Youtube to build up a fanbase.

Alternatively, if you aren't so concerned with being a star and having the entire limelight shining on you, you may be able to make a good career out of being a session musician and playing with bands live, or as they record.

You may even want to share your passion and gift with the world by becoming a tutor and teaching others how to play, sing or write songs. Something that is truly a creative career choice, and so would be perfect for a musically free-spirited among us!