What clothes should you be investing your money in?

It’s not ridiculous to suggest that most people would probably enjoy it if they had more money to spend on clothes and accessories. It’d be nice to head online and order everything we fancy.  But for most of us, we have to choose wisely what we spend money on. We look out for bargains and re-style our clothes.  With new trends arriving every season, it can be overwhelming if you think you need to invest in new colours, shapes or patterns. But as I’ve said before: fashion seasonal, style is eternal.  So it pays off to spend money on some wardrobe essentials that are timeless. The type of clothes you’ll reach for time and time again when you’re putting an outfit together.

Here are my top 3:



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Your shoes don’t just look great. They keep you comfortable. It sounds daft, but what’s the point in a great outfit if you just need to keep sitting down to rest your feet? Whether you wouldn’t be seen without your heels or prefer casual style with a pair of trainers, you won’t regret spending a bit more on what you wear on your feet.

Elle even suggest building up a collection, so you’ve got shoes for every occasion. This includes leather boots, party shoes, work pumps, ankle boots and more. Pick and choose the ones you know you’ll wear with different outfits.  


1. Shoes

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2. Jeans

How often do you wear jeans? For most of us, jeans are a wardrobe staple. It’s so easy to chuck on a pair and style them differently each time. But we’ve all been there – when the jeans we’ve grown to love start to fail us. They get unintentional holes, fade in colour or the fabric loses tightness. It’s frustrating, and the difficult search for a new pair starts all over again.

But what if you could rely on the same pair for years? Jeans are definitely worth investing in. Check out sales for popular brands, like Armani jeans, or up-and-coming British brands like Huit denim. All made in a small Welsh town, they’ve gained in popularity in recent years, especially after Megan Markle was spotted wearing them.

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Coats and jackets complete an outfit. Don’t leave it until the last minute to throw any old thing over your carefully chosen outfit. Choose timeless styles and fits, and you’ll get a lot of wear out of coats. Think leather jackets, trench coats, camel coats – when have they ever been out of style? Never. They’ll always be all-important pieces to reach for time and time again.

We wear outwear on repeat. It’s the first thing people see. It pulls an outfit together. It just makes sense to spend money here – after all, the right coat can make any outfit look more expensive.

What’s your favourite item of clothing to buy? What is your wardrobe crying out for? Share your style suggestions for what clothes we should be investing in.


3. Coats