Taking Care of Your Elderly Loved One

I feel as a young person of society in my supposed “prime years” I take a lot of things for granted. Such as my health, ability to move, head to events, travel and have fun with little consequence. But I do have those thoughts late at night that stop me from sleeping of the “what if’s” later in life that may halt me from doing the things I can achieve today. Which had me thinking, what if we can all spend just a little time (or lots of time if it’s available) to spare for someone who is elderly. I frequently tell people that the older generation become more invisible, fade into the background of society and receive less praise than those who are younger and visible. But why should they receive less time than another? I’ve found that older people are better to talk to, they’re full of riveting stories, life advice and most likely comfortable. When I say comfortable, I’m directing my point at being comfortable in their own skin - they are their own, and don’t have time to mess around, 100% direct. So today I wanted to talk about caring for your elderly loved ones, and how you can help them get the support they deserve.

This post is in collaboration with Care24Seven 

Most elderly people lose their ability for being mobile and heading out to see others. So it’s highly relied upon to have visitors, don’t we all wish our friends and family came round to visit more often? I certainly wish I did, even at my young age. Dedicating even an hour or two of your time every week can dramatically change their outlook on happiness, whilst occupying their time. 

I’ve spoken to a lot of elderly people who get lonelier throughout the years, and it’s perfectly understandable why. I often tell them to sign up to social media or utilise technology so they can be kept in the loop with their friends and family without the need of having to rely on others for transport every second of every day. However this shouldn’t excuse not visiting them, try bringing round games, goodies and fun things they can definitely participate in. 

Take time to see them

Bring in a carer for the times you can't see them

Employ someone to come round to look after them for the times that you’re not able to see them. Care24Seven are a fantastic service allowing the responsibilities to be put onto someone else so you can do your daily meetings, have a social life yourself - all with the assurance that they’re in safe capable hands to attend to their every need, and be there as a friend. They provide the best at home care for individuals or couples. Another fabulous site to check out is Care For Family if you're looking for extra support for an elderly family member. 

Invest in their comfort, like really good quality walking sticks or comfortable cushions. But one thing I think is hardly talked about and that's beauty for the elderly. Just because someone has aged that shouldn’t stop someone from truly enjoying themselves and lapping up luxuries. I’ve firmly believed for years that all elderly people should be entitled to beauty treatments within their home. So consider sending around a mobile facialist, masseuse, beautician to take care of eyebrows, waxing, hairdressing and nail treatments. I’m sure your favourite beauty spa would be delighted giving an elderly person of the satisfaction of extra confidence and to feel pretty. 

Buy them beauty treatments