Pop The Question To The Love Of Your Life With These Unique Metal Rings

Are you planning to pop the question to your loved one and commit to each other for eternity? If your loved one is unique and special to you, then your ring should convey the same. The usual diamond rings or platinum bands don’t just scream unique and also have the potential to empty your wallets. So if you’re looking to save some big bucks and also go for something different, here are some unique ring designs that are gaining popularity in the wedding ring industry.

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This is a precious white metal which falls under the platinum group of metals. It is known for its natural white colour and an interesting quality of this metal is that, it doesn’t require re- plating. If you were aiming for a platinum ring, then this one is more affordable, doesn’t require much maintenance and is quite durable. So if you’re looking for something that speaks platinum but is more affordable, this is your best bet.

1. Palladium

2. White Gold

White gold is nothing but pure yellow gold alloyed with other white metals like palladium and silver for the shine and polish. They are further plated with a rhodium polish which is hypoallergenic and wears off over time, but the re-plating is a simple process which can be done to refresh the whiteness of the ring. This is a really popular choice for engagement rings because it goes really well with diamonds.

You may also know this one as pink or red gold and it is known for the touch of romance it brings to the ring design. For a ring that will stand out, make a statement and be unique, this is a great metal. The hardness and the colour of the ring will differ as per the carat that you choose for the metal of the ring.

3. Rose Gold

4. Silver

Silver is an extremely popular choice when it comes to jewellery making. This is so because it is a very malleable metal, can be used to make different designs, is very durable and one of the affordable metals. The only downside of this metal is that it scratches easily, but if you’re ready to compromise on that, then this metal has some really unique and different ring designs.

This metal is stronger and more durable than other metals and hence ideal for making jewellery. It stands out from the other metals due to its dark colour and light weight. This one is perfect for those who are allergic to wearing jewelry because it is hypoallergenic.

5. Titanium

6. Steel

This isn’t just a regular metal anymore. Owing to its strength, durability and affordability, it’s become a metal that is used for matching wedding rings as well. It’s shiny, it’s strong and it can be polished for different designs and patterns, making it a great choice for wedding rings. Don’t worry about the steel getting oxidised because it is mixed with 10.5% chromium to resist that. An advantage of jewellery made from this metal is that, it is very easy to maintain. You can simply use a dish soap, water and a soft cloth to clean your steel ring.



Other metals that are more affordable than platinum and gold are cobalt and tungsten. These are the affordable choices of metal for wedding rings. These metals also make for unique ring designs. So if you are getting ready for your wedding, before you max out your credit card on that diamond ring, you might want to explore the many designs that other metals in the market have to offer.