How To Choose The Perfect Divan Bed

Comfort is key in life, we spend so much of our time sleeping so it would seem appropriate that we sleep on a good bed for the majority of our live. Over the years I’ve been on a constant search for finding the ultimate comfort. It was only until I hit 21 that I realised that I needed to invest in the accessories of adulthood that make life so much more enjoyable. Having slept on a bed I’ve had for far too long and started to feel uncomfortable. So whilst I’ll be renovating my house super soon, I’d love to discuss the importance of finding a bed that suits you.  This post is in collaboration with Snug Interiors on how to find the perfect divan bed. 

Divan beds like Snug Interiors are designed to provide excellent levels of support, springs and and natural filling, so everything is cushy and comfy. They pride themselves on the below: 

As you go up in our range you will note there are an increased number of springs, luxurious natural fillings and more rows of hand side-stitching, all of these add to the overall comfort, support and longevity of the product.  All of our divan beds can be customised to suit you with a choice of mattress tensions, divan base styles, storage and fabric options.

So when you’re looking out for the ultimate comfort, consider these major points when choosing. 

Every person has different needs, so try out options and shop around for what is required when sleeping. Some love to have a firm mattress, some like it soft. You’ve no doubt heard of memory foam, and how you can sink into the bed from the foam shaping around you - but there’s different mattresses for every different sleeper. Personally I’m a front sleeper (and what I call starfish sleeper, so I sprawl my body out half sideways, half front, as that creates the optimum amount of comfort and gets me to sleep. 

Choose the correct mattress

Create a bespoke bed

With the current housing market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to afford larger houses with bigger storage space. So this is where every crevice is available for clothes, documents and personal items. It’s worth investing if under bed storage could be your calling, so you can maximise on space within your flat, apartment or house. 

Most people think that the bedroom is just a place of rest. But it’s sanctuary to get comfortable, settle in and let yourself sink into the bed. So I think it’s only natural to make this room up as a space of tranquility, peace and relaxation. Pick out designs that compliment your tastes, provide the needed storage but most importantly, simplify your surroundings so you can get into your pajama’s, jump onto the mattress, tuck yourself in and not worry at all. 

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