How To Breath Life Into Your Everyday Look

Everyone needs a quick refresh of their wardrobe once in a while, I commonly chat about being individual and being your own person via style. So whether you want to wear all black, or all rainbow, style is a choice and lifestyle. As Coco Chanel said, fashion is season, style is eternal. Hence why I always encourage that you find what suits your personality and gives you the beaming grin from doing some shopping. We’ve all been there, done that, got the t-shirt and no doubt skipped around the room with joy. 

However sometimes there are moments, which pardon me for being so cliche of women - but we literally have nothing to wear. Eyes glaze over a magnificent wardrobe and we fancy something razzle dazzle to give us that extra elevation of confidence and cool. This is where taking a step back and not looking at the clothes, but the extras could be of super handiness. So today I’m talking about how to breathe life into your wardrobe in collaboration with Red Dot Jewels, with their snazzy jewellery. 


You’ve got your little black dress, you’ve got your statement jeans. But the one game changing element of anyone’s wardrobe is buying in some new jewellery. I absolutely adore Red Dot Jewellery, who do Indian-inspired pieces. I feel anyone can rep a pair of chunky gold earrings or a statement necklace to snazz up a stable top. It brings in an exotic vibe, adding some extra personality to your individual style. 

Switch up your accessories

Try something new

Some of my most popular posts, where I’m frequently emailed about how to change a look comes from simply walking into a shop and letting something catch your eye and sporting it. I have a rule of thumb, that you should try on anything that gives you a smile. Not only will it give a massive confidence boost, but you’ll have something new to style up for the future. 

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So although this may not suit all price budgets, simply suggesting one piece to your friends and family to pitch in for, can work wonders. One of my favourite pieces is my Gucci ring from Peter Jacksons Jewellers, which without fail is placed on my finger every morning. I believe in finding sustainable fashion that you are head over heels with, and wear time and time again. Don’t just buy seasonal fashion, but find pieces that truly compliment who you are as a person. 

Invest in a lavish piece for your wardrobe

Delve into new makeup

You can truly revolutionise your beauty routine throughout skincare and makeup - Instagram and Pinterest are the perfect locations on the internet to find a new source of inspiration. A few years ago I would only sport a copper eyeshadow, until I saw someone on Instagram with the same shade of blue eyes as myself and tried it. I’ve safely never looked back, and strive to be more bold, brave, eccentric and switch up a regimented routine to accommodate my mood, outfit and overall tone of the day.