Getting to Grips with Fragrances – Which Type and When

Most girls have a go-to perfume. In a lot of cases, it’s a fragrance they’ve been wearing for years; their ‘old faithful’ that they’ve loved for ages. Having a signature scent is a great idea, but limiting yourself to one perfume means you’ll feel stuck in a rut.

Perfumes can be worn to switch up your mood. They can even alter the mind-sets of people around you, try a love spell candle as an example. How’s that for some voodoo magic? Here’s more information.


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Little changes can make a big difference. Even adding a new accessory can totally alter the vibe of an outfit. It’s the same with fragrance. For example, Miss Coco is a gorgeous, feminine scent; but if you wear it every day, you’ll swiftly start to feel bored.

Invest in a collection of different fragrances; styles that perhaps you wouldn’t normally choose. Perfumes can usually be divided into the following categories:

  • Fresh and fruity
  • Sweet and floral
  • Musky and sensual
  • Spicy and exotic

Go for one of each style – that should give you enough variety.


Inject some life into your look

Match it to the event

People have been using perfumes to enhance their life experiences for centuries.

The right smell can put you in the perfect mood for a social occasion. For picnics, outdoor birthday parties and summer evenings, a sweet, floral fragrance will lift your spirits. If you’re on a date or heading to a nightclub, a spicy scent can liven things up to perfection.

When you’re purchasing perfumes, don’t just think about how they smell. Consider how they make you feel too. That’s just as important.



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If you’re working a particular look, your fragrance can help. A fresh, fruity perfume is ideal for strapless summer tops, for example. A laid-back spicy scent is good for leather jackets and biker boots. A sultry, musky aroma is perfect for evening wear.

Ultimately, your perfume is as much a fashion accessory as a mood enhancer. See it as a great weapon to add to your make-up artillery.


Pair with your clothing

Don’t forget what they’re wearing too!

If you’ve got a partner that loves aftershave or perfume, you’ll want to make sure yours doesn’t clash with theirs. This is where things get a bit complicated, but here’s a quick, simple breakdown to help you.

  • If they’re wearing something light and fresh, don’t wear something potent and rich. It’ll overpower theirs.
  • If they’re wearing something spicy, you might want to consider citrussy. Those two ingredients work perfectly together.
  • Musky scents don’t tend to work well with fresh, floral aromas.

It doesn’t have to be an exact science, and ultimately, you should select perfumes that you love personally. But don’t be afraid to break out of your ‘tried and tested’ favourites. Visit your local beauty department, get some samples and put them to the test. Ask friends and family what they think. Then invest in a few varying fragrances, which will cover you for every occasion.


Have fun with it