Dressing Up Your Face Without The Use Of Makeup

Dressing up is something we all indulge in from time to time, whether you like to dress to the nines every day of your life or you save this kind of effort for special occasions. You wear jewellery even less of the time, saving fiddly bracelet clasps for days when you’re not rushing out to work!

But when it comes down to it, how often do you find yourself putting makeup on? How much of your daily routine is dedicated to highlighting and contouring your skin and your face shape? How much of a drag can it end up being?

Of course, you can wear as much makeup as you want, and you can wear it whenever you want! But there are some people out there who like to go fresh faced, and find other ways to dress their face up and change the perception of it. And here’s just a couple of different ways to do just that.

Wipe those lips off and let’s start all over again! (Image)

Jewellery is something we all have a bit of tucked away somewhere, if we don’t wear a few pieces every day that is. And when you’ve got the right jewellery to accessorise yourself with, you can draw a lot of new focus to yourself, without even needing any makeup to highlight the features you already have! Popping a bit of jewellery on, or replacing your current earring with another, is a lot easier than sitting down for an hour or so to get your brows just right.

Piercings are going to have the most impact on your facial area, and the pair of earrings you have on can even completely change the shape your face or how long your hair feels. Be sure to look into buying yourself some silver helix piercing hoops, as these can come in all kinds of styles and colours.


Use a Bit of Jewellery

Curl and Lengthen Those Lashes

You don’t even need mascara to do this, so don’t worry! Put the brush back in its container and instead get your lash curlers out. 30 seconds on each eye and your lashes can look wonderfully curled, giving your eyes a brighter (and even more seductive…) look to them. Once you’re finished with that, get yourself some vaseline out, and use a clean brush to brush a little bit of the gel through them.

This will help to keep your lashes in place, and make them seem a lot longer than ever before. And vaseline is a lot easier to get off than mascara, so no scrubbing with makeup remover when you get home again! Or you can pop some vaseline on beforehand to help act as a primer, and to help your lashes warm to the shape of the curlers you’ve got.

Dressing up your face doesn’t have to take much effort, and it’s a lot easier than always having to make time for makeup! Be sure to search for more easy beauty tips like these.


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