Birthday gifts that your children will actually want!

We live in a world where everything we want, or need is just a click or tap away. And if we have enough money, we can have those things with us within 24hours. But with everything we could ever want available to us whenever we want it, it can be so difficult to know what to gift someone for their birthday…especially when it comes to children.

Its easy to struggle for gift inspiration for little ones, so if you’re in need of some gift assistance, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find 6 birthday gift ideas that little ones will actually want!



This might sound a little dull…after all you can’t exactly play with a monetary investment (not when you’re younger anyway) but putting a little something aside for them every birthday means that they’ll have a great little nest egg ready for their future. Click here to get the latest information on investments for you children.

Designer Clothes and Shoes

When shopping for a birthday gift for your children, designer clothing or shoes are a great option. Designer clothes and shoes from Bambinifashion.com are fashionable, stylish, and long-lasting, so your children can enjoy wearing them for years to come. You can find clothing items that match their favorite characters or sports teams, as well as shoes in a variety of styles and colors. Additionally, many designer brands offer sizes for all ages, so your children can have the perfect fit. Designer clothing and shoes make great birthday gifts that your children will actually want.

An investment

Dressing up clothes

True, your child might already have some shop bought plasticky type dressing up clothes. Where they can be their favourite princess, superhero or tv character. But I mean real dressing up clothes, ones that really stoke their imagination. Have a look through your wardrobe and see what you can donate to them – old dresses, trousers, scarves, hats and gloves, old sunglasses, handbags, old shoes, necklaces etc. If you’re struggling for items then head to your local charity shop, you’ll be amazed at what you can find in there! Find a beautiful way to present them – like in a box and let their imagination run wild.

There’s nothing better than the gift of your time. So going out together and doing something special means that you’ll be making some wonderful memories that you can both look back on. If they have a particular band or artist that they want to see, try and get tickets, go see an ice skating show, pantomime, play at the local theatre, or treat them to a show in the West End!


A magazine subscription

This really is the gift that keeps on giving. Magazine subscriptions means that they’ll have something to look forward to every month for a year or six months. If they have a particular hobby or interest then you can get them a magazine that will compliment that and encourage them. Or just something fun that’s full of activities. It’ll do wonders for their reading skills too.

This one is perfect if your child has a particular place that they just love to visit. Zoos, national parks or heritage sites, theme parks, aquariums etc; get them a years pass, and they can go as many times as they wish.

A season pass

A journal

Gifting a journal is a wonderful thing. It gives your child the opportunity to write down their ideas, funny stories, jokes and their feelings. It’ll encourage them to write and improve their motor skills as well as their writing ones too!



A desktop computer is incredibly useful, especially now that most kids are having classes online. There are many benefits to buying a desktop computer over a laptop for your child. One of the disadvantages of desktops is its form. You can’t take it anywhere, so you have to stay on your desk to use your computer. This can be an advantage if your child is easily distracted.

Having a dedicated study station creates a boundary between class time and free time and will help them stay focused. A desktop also has a larger display and more connectivity, making it more convenient to use. At this age of technology, computer literacy is as important as knowing how to read and write. It’s vital for kids to be familiar with computers early on.

A home computer