Weird Money-saving Hacks for Smart Chicks

If you’re looking to get some savings together for this coming year then you don’t have to have your very own age of austerity. You can use some novel, weird and downright wacky ideas to save a few pence here, a few pounds there. Read on for some smart money hacks that could buy you a flight, a new pair of boots or just help you to pay off that stale old overdraft – finally.

If you’re a make-up fan, then you’ll know where to go! Head to your nearest department store and schmooze the girls at the various counters. Tell them you’re thinking of trying out some new foundations, highlighters and moisturisers and that you’d like a sample or two. Admittedly, 5ml tubes aren’t going to go that far, but you could make it through to April after a couple of missions…

Trawl the cosmetics counters for samples

Jot down every single expense

This is a bit nerdy, but it’ll help you to work out where you’re wasting your money. It’s also a good idea to use a budget calculator, like the one here, so that you know how much you actually have to spend before you take it to town. If you see that your face mask habit has got right out of hand, then you can look for cheaper alternatives or even make your own.

How many times have you found a small hole in a favourite shirt or dress and resolved to fix it yourself? The only problem is – you never do! This means that you effectively lose an item of clothing and you have to replace it, which costs money. If you have a sewing kit handy, then you can make those repairs. Even if you only get another season out of that skirt, it’s money that you’ve saved, right?

Invest in a sewing kit

Make friends with tight people

Seriously. You may stand back and marvel at each other’s – ahem – ways with money, but the chances are that you could really learn something from a careful friend. They’ll see themselves as “financially prudent”, you’ll see them as “tight-fisted” and together you’ll find a common ground and a third way that helps them to enjoy money more and helps you to not spend quite so much…

It’s pretty much the same as above, but the live-in option.

Marry a tight person

Send emails and letters of appreciation to retailers

We’ve all heard of the guy who found a small wildebeest baked into his Cornish pasty and his subsequent £50,000 compensation pay-out… You can make the world a better place by sending a nice note to a service provider or a shop instead of a gripe. If you’ve had great service at a restaurant or you’re especially happy with a purchase, then contact the head office and let them know. They’ll almost certainly send you a little something in return because you’re bound to tell all your friends about it. Yes, it’s a bit of cheap advertising for the company, but it’s also a tenner off your next meal or outfit.


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