Styling Animal Print This Season

The Hottest Trend Of 2019

Unless you've been living on a cloud for the past couple of months, you'll grow to know that animal print is all the rage right now. The catwalks have been championing tiger, zebra, snake and leopard print in new innovative ways that aren't compatible to how animal print was worn many years ago. Years ago it was seen as a fashion faux pas to wear animal print as it was deemed tacky and overdone. Now we're in 2019 I'm here to tell you how you can incorporate this seasons hottest trend of 2019 into your wardrobe.

Stephi LaReine wearing primark green snakeskin dress with boohoo snakeskin boots

You might not be as bold or daring as me who was seen walking around in three contrastive pieces of animal print, or you might be then kudos to you! However I know most prefer to tone down their clashing prints and save it for mismatched underwear or pajamas (no shame, we all do it!), so the key to bringing it into your wardrobe is piece by piece. You might find a leopard print belt that you can style up over a dress or get a flash of print underneath your t-shirt. I've found throughout the years of styling up my own looks, it's good to make bold moves and get out that comfort zone. Whats the worst that can happen? You wear it for a few days and realise it was never your thing? Totally cool - give it to a friend or someone who you think might like it. But, if you do like it, you'll thank yourself for an eternity for taking the leap. 

Start Minimal

stephi lareine liverpool fashion blogger

Try Iconic Pieces

Leopard print is specifically what I'm talking about throughout this segment. We've all seen someone on the streets try out a leopard print coat or leopard boots. They're items in your wardrobe you can effortless style up again and again. Despite what the magazines and trend reports say, animal print never goes out of fashion (if that's your thing!). There was a massive surge in the late 2000's where I recall seeing practically every woman wearing a leopard coat, and everyone just oozed sass, glamour and luxury. There's a ton of connotations behind wearing animal print, and luckily in this day and age it's perfectly available across the globe to wear faux animal print - not real, I must highlight this, faux comes in many more colours and allows these beautiful creatures to roam with their pretty skin on.

So look to invest in pieces that you can see your wardrobe sustaining for a long time. A good starting point is belts, shoes, handbags, coats and accessories.

pink hair uk fashion boho blogger stephi lareine
fedora pink hair blogger stephi lareine
Stephi LaReine wears a burgundy fedora and snakeskin dress

For my outfit I donned some new additions to my wardrobe (this week precisely) which included a green snakeskin dress from Primark, which is mega comfy and stylish with a split leg due to it's wrap around. Combined with red and black snakeskin boots from Boohoo. Now we've pretty much put the idea of double denim to bed, it came back in a wild way years ago and shush all that still snarl at the idea of a full denim entire. However I love the idea of matching up prints in a very unconventional way - alike this double snakeskin look I'm sporting. If you want the full wow-factor then opt for a matching jacket too. Don't be afraid to jump into the world of unconventional matching, picking outfits is so much quicker and themed this way.

Double Up

2018 leopard coat with snakeskin boots liverpool fashion blog

Shop Around

One major point with animal print is to shop around. No two prints are usually the same and every shop has designed their version of the ideal animal print. I love venturing out and trying colourful animal print and reworking a classic design with a twist. However the animal print as they come is widely available. Work out what colour scheme you wish to opt for and get hunting. Animal print will be sticking around in the shops for some time, so you've got all the chances to find something that suits you and your personal style.