The Health Benefits Of A Sauna.

Why You Should Treat Yourself To A Sauna

Have you been to a spa lately? Because I personally believe if you get the means of booking in a spa day you should definitely do so. For someone like me who's schedule is incredibly hectic and filled to the brim with tasks 7 days a week, it's vital to book some time to relax. What I love about heading to a spa or getting one build into a spare room is that you can kick back without your phone and technology and forget the world. I recommend heading to one at least once a month, whether you book in for an Indian head massage, a sit down in the sauna or a quick swim. Cast aside the fast paced lifestyle you lead and allow some time for you. Today I'll be highlighting on my biggest revelation of relaxation; the sauna. And how the benefits can do your body and mind the world of goodness.

health benefits of a sauna

If you've ever sat in a sauna you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when I say, you sweat in a very comfortable way. It's not unbearable  - although you should definitely take breaks if you spend too long in one session. It's easy and you find yourself melting into the bench as the heat causes your heart to beat faster and you race up the pace of how quickly blood is flowing around your body. Increased body circulation is fantastic for muscle repair, joint problems, hair growth, skin rejuvenation. I tell everyone the secret to quick hair growth is black pepper, spice and sweating your body, it works for me and I put it mainly down to giving myself a good sweat once in a while.

Increased circulation

It rids stress

Whenever I'm remotely stressed, there's nothing better than a hot bath or sauna session. If I had the space in my current home I'd definitely get a home sauna so that I could run to the other side of the house and switch on the sauna. It helps you breathe so much better and clears out your lungs and mind within moments. I put this down to getting oxygen to the brain through deep slow breathing. With every breathe you sink a little more, your shoulders and back relax and everything slows down a few seconds. Which is bliss when you need to stop stress racing around your body. I also believe it's the physical separation you create that can also combat stress, it's a choice of heading into a sauna, as you've cut off the world with little stimulant from other sources - it's just you, your body in a very humid room, heaven!


Not that I'm going to tell you to get rid of your daily workout routine, but it's been proved that heading to a sauna can massively help out your heart and keep it stronger and healthy. As mentioned before, your heart pounds quicker, giving it a good exercise. Sauna treatment in Texas can reduce heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular disease which is a massive bonus to change up your usual workout routine to get your heart thumping. A sauna can help people lose weight due to the heat that causes you to sweat a lot which is one of the few benefits of being in a sauna

A better heart

Mental health improvement

Any form of stress relief is great for mental health, but getting into an enclosed area with strangers and having a moment together can be solution for people with anxiety and depression. It can massively help with people who have issues with their body. You all know how much I empower people and how to love their body, so perhaps heading to a sauna just to cut the ties with your strict self esteem can be the answer.