5 Things you should know about nuken

Most people who have tried Nukem like it, and for good reason. It has a unique feel to it, relative to most cannabis products. That’s why there is such a high demand for it at Cannabismo. But in case you have yet to try it out, here are 5 things you should know about nuken.

For a stoner, weed may smell nice, but for non-smokers, it’s definitely not a pleasant smell. That’s not the case with nuken.  Nuken is unique in that, it doesn’t have the characteristic weed smell to it. This means that you can comfortably smoke or vape it next to non-smokers and not make them uncomfortable. In essence, smoking nuken not only makes you come across as respectful, but it also gives you a sense of class and finesse that is key to keeping your social circle decent.

1. It has a nice smell

2. It has a mild high

Smoking strong weed can be catastrophic to your reputation. That’s because, it can kick in hard and drive you to do things that you might regret later along. That’s not the case with Nuken.  It is mild, and its high kicks in slowly. This allows you to stay fully aware of your environment, which means that you are unlikely to do something stupid after smoking Nuken. As such, you can even smoke it during the day, or even in the early evening and still have a decent conversation with friends and family. Simply put, you are unlikely to misbehave due to a Nuken-driven high, unless you do so consciously.

This is probably the best thing about Nuken. It has a strong Shishkaberry taste that makes it feel nice in the mouth. This means that even after you smoke it, you are unlikely to have a strong weed breath in your mouth. For someone in a romantic relationship with a non-smoker, nuken is perfect. The Shishkaberry flavor it leaves in the mouth doesn’t affect non-smokers negatively. In fact, they might find it nice.

3. It has a nice Shishkaberry flavor

4. It can help you sleep nicely

Most people who have tried Nuken swear by its ability to help someone fall asleep. This makes it perfect for someone looking to have a good time and a good night’s sleep. It is also perfect for people who may have issues falling asleep. The idea of a mild high, as a solution to insomnia, is definitely a great alternative to sleeping pills that have all kinds of side effects.

There are people who have to deal with chronic pain, and are always in search of a permanent solution.  On this front, Nuken has lots of positive reviews. Most people who have tried Nukem swear by its pain relieving capabilities. In Nuken, back pains and other joint pains have their match. It feels nice to deal with pain, while at the same time enjoying the high that comes with this product.  Not many products have so many benefits as Nuken has, in the weed market.

5. It can help you deal with joint pains