5 things to look forward to in the Spring

Now that Christmas is already a distant memory and most of us are bearing the brunt of the cold weather, icy winds and freezing temperatures, now is the time we’re all desperately looking forward to the arrival of Spring. You might have already noticed a few tell-tale signs that it’s on the way; a few daffodils sprouting here and there, and the fact that it’s not dark at 3pm! So, with that in mind, here we’re going to talk about all the things we have to look forward to in the Springtime and when the weather – finally – picks up! This will certainly help with those January Blues!

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Ok, so this might be way, way down on your “things to look forward to list” and there’s no reason why you can’t do this at any time of the year – but there’s something about Spring that gets us in the mood to refresh everything from the bedding in the bedroom to the ink in your printer - check out printerinks.com for all your ink cartridge needs. Making time to clean and de-clutter will make you feel ready for anything the New Year has to throw at you! So get rid of all that old junk, get yourself some storage boxes for the things that don’t have a home and get tidying!

Organise and declutter

Getting out in the garden

It’s been a long winter, and unless you’ve been building snowmen out there, chances are you probably haven’t set foot in the garden for several months. So, as soon as the weather brightens up and the temperature rises, it’s going to feel so great to step into the garden and get it looking fantastic again for the year ahead. Just thinking of all those summer BBQs and garden parties just makes me so excited! But you can settle for a coffee at your garden table for now!

Whether you have a garden or not, it’s a great feeling knowing that all those lovely countryside walks you enjoyed last summer are accessible again – and you won’t need to wrap up too tightly either! You could take your bike, the dog, your partner or even just enjoy your own company for a change. A light jacket, walking boots, maybe even a picnic on grass that isn’t hard and frozen – bliss!

Go out in nature

Everything opens

Your favourite café might have closed down for the winter months, or a beloved family attraction might have shut its doors to carry out maintenance or just to have a break until Spring. So, get online and start checking when your favourite places are open to the public again. It’ll make those rainy weekends a lot brighter and it’ll keep the kids busy too…!

We all know what a toll on our mental health January Blues can be – as well as the lack of sunshine, the freezing weather, the lack of funds after Christmas. The warmer, brighter days of Spring bring a sense of freshness and hope to the everyday, which will have a positive effect on your mental health.

Spring cleaning – your mental health