15 Wedding Planning Secrets You'll Wish You Had Known Before Walking Down the Aisle

Are you getting ready for a wedding? Probably, you’d want to have one of the best weddings you’ve ever dreamt of, right? The planning stage can be very challenging and time-consuming, especially if you’re not sure what to do and doesn’t have the right tips. But you won’t have to worry anymore. We’ve put together 15 wedding planning secrets that will help you avoid any regrets afterwards. Please read on.

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Budgeting is an essential factor for most of your wedding decisions and events. Set a relevant and an all-inclusive budget based on the available finances. If you’re far from meeting the financial needs, consider talking to family and friends to see if they can contribute towards the same. However, you should allow them to only contribute what they’re comfortable spending for the event.

1. Set a Budget

2. Have a Master Checklist

Having a checklist makes work easier by ensuring that you don’t miss out on anything during the planning stages. This way, you can rest assured of smooth running of events during and even after your wedding day. Also, ensure that your honeymoon plans are included. There are several platforms which you can visit to read more about this and other important wedding events.  

During the planning process, you’ll be focusing on trying to put everything in order. This way, you can easily forget to allocate some time to look for your marriage license. Ensure to have all the necessary documents ready soon enough. Remember, these licenses are only valid for a few months and will be an advantage if you’ll look for it now.  

3. Make The Wedding Legal

4. Develop a Priority List

In every wedding, there are things that are most important than others and can cause some inconvenience if they’re not attended to as soon as possible. Such things include entertainment, food, and drinks. Look for the things which you can compromise and still succeed with your wedding plans.

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You’ll be required to make dozens and hundreds of decisions during the planning period. Some decision could have serious consequences in your marriage if poorly made. Therefore, weigh all the possible options before making any decision to ensure you make informed decisions.

Choosing to work with a premium wedding transportation company will make your life so much easier. The guests will make it to the venue safely and on time.

5. Think Through Before Making Decisions

6. Carefully Read Through Every Contract

Wedding planning processes can be very stressful and tiresome. You could easily find yourself rushing through your contracts with vendors without carefully checking for important details. Concentrate on such things like payment, cancellation policies, dates, and time of events before signing any of these contracts.

You’ll be walking down the aisle with your fiancé during the big day. Therefore, not involving him/her in in the wedding planning process could lead to some misunderstanding just before, during or after the wedding day. Plus, embracing teamwork not only makes the process fun but also enhances trust between you two.

7. Embrace Teamwork with Your Fiancé

8. Stick to Your Options

Probably, you must have attended and watched quite a number of weddings before. You could be tempted to copy someone else’s style which your lifestyle could hardly support. You need to look for your own style and stick to it throughout the wedding plans.

Which season are you envisioning your wedding? Is it Spring. Autumn, Winter, or Summer? You need to think through this to ensure you have an ideal date which you’ll be flexible with and everyone else invited to the wedding. Ensure to also choose a date where your preferred venue will not be fully booked.

9. Pick a Relevant Timeframe

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10. Have a Different Opinion

Different vendors charge different prices for the same goods and services. Therefore, ensure to always have a second opinion for a package price of a particular vendor before making any purchase decisions. You should always try to minimize the expenditure as much as possible so as to save some money for other important projects.

You’ll be working as a team with your vendors throughout the planning stage. It’s, therefore, very important that you choose a team that you vibe well with. That which you feel very comfortable working with and can trust them to perform any planning task. Choose a team who’s motivated towards ensuring that you get the best out of your wedding.

11. Choose Vendors You’re Comfortable With

12. Make Your Guest List

What are your wedding budget and preferred venue? These will help you determine the number of guests to invite. Perhaps you should consult your fiancé and both families and come up with a common list. Here, you’ll decide on the number of guests, whether to invite children, and the must invite since you won’t invite everyone. You’ll be forced to make some cuts.

How best can you make your wedding unique and attractive? Choosing your wedding theme is very key even if it’s a few colors. Theme selection eases the process of design decisions and makes planning to look cohesive. Otherwise, you may be faced with some challenges during the big day.

13. Choose a Theme

14. Develop a Schedule of Events

Without a schedule of events, confusion can easily arise during the big day. You need to create a schedule for the events that’ll be taking place at the wedding and make a copy for the MC and other important people. Ensure to include such things like the time the venue of the ceremony, the time of arrival of the vendors and cutting of the cake among other activities.   

There are several couples who’ve had a successful wedding before. Chatting with some of these couples can give you an opportunity to learn a tip or two which can help you during the planning process. It will be an added advantage if these couples are your family or friends. But You can still find other couples who are very willing to help.

15. Inquire from Other Married Couples

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Every wedding should be fun and less stressful. But this may not be the case if you’ll not have done everything right. There are also things that if you do during your wedding planning, you may end up facing some serious consequences either during or after the wedding. These secrets are enough to save you from such and other related hassles. Also, look out for other relevant themed blogs to learn more about wedding planning.