Make This Christmas Great With The Perfect Jewellery Box

Ever since I was super little, I absolutely adored jewellery. I often romanticised over how fabulous it was to own precious necklaces, rings, bracelets - so you know I had a keen eye for fashion at a young age. Even if it was clip on earrings and cheap costume jewellery. So as a young adult woman I take so much pride in looking after my collection. I’ve found that the older you get the more inclined people are to buy you more expensive pieces rather than invest into other gifts. Especially for couples, jewellery marks one of the greatest gifts you can give someone - to say “I saw this and thought of you, and I’d love you to wear it” 

So today I wanted to talk you through jewellery boxes, and the importance of keeping your jewellery neat and tidy, whilst channeling some feminine accessorisation in your interior. 

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As a teen, I never bothered with jewellery boxes - everything was slung on my bedside table. Every day was a frustrating process of sitting down and having to untangle all my necklaces and panic over where my favourite pieces where. I learnt later in life that jewellery boxes were the saviour of all this madness. 

One of my favourite jewellery box brands is Rapport London who create premium jewellery boxes, so you can keep it neat and organised. 


Keep your jewellery tangle free

Thomas Sabo Blogger Stephi LaReine


You’ve probably done a typical Stephi at one moment or another. Eg: take your jewellery off when slouching on the sofa, or popping it onto the side of the bath. Never, ever, to be seen again. So let’s simplify and make a keen effort of putting things back in their rightful place - the jewellery box.

Rapport London jewellery boxes

Rapport London have been crafting their boxes in Britain since 1898, creating only the finest luxury products. So for 115 years they’ve acquired the know-how into what goes into the making a beautifully crafted jewellery box. 

Each jewellery box differs in shape and size, so have a good long think about what jewellery you possess the most. Could it be that you’re a huge earring fanatic and need all of your jewellery space dedicated to earring compartments. Or if like me you’re massive on your rings and necklaces then invest into a box that allows for multiple stacks of your favourite accessories. Rapport have tons of shapes, sizes and colours to accommodate for all interiors and colour schemes. 

What massively caught me eye was their deluxe jewellery trunk, which would be ideal for long periods of time travelling, whilst keeping everything in tact. However, even the simplest of gifts such as a small trinket box can make all the difference - allowing you or the special person in your life to keep all their valuables within one box. 

So if you’re stuck for presents, jewellery is one idea, but why not buy a jewellery box in correlation so they can appreciate it just as it was intended straight from the jewellers. Also see some fabulous suggestions for unique gift ideas for the woman who wants nothing.

Plan your jewellery box

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