Luxe Christmas Party Pieces

This post is in collaboration with Metquarter Liverpool

I am a downright sucker for Christmas party fashion, and in Liverpool we take it very seriously with our array of cute side street boutiques and elaborate shopping halls. But my personal favourite will always be Metquarter as it's my one stop shop for needing some devilishly dashing fashion ready to transition me into every stage of going out; whether that be date night, a night out, a christmas party or simply to feel nothing less than fabulous around the house. Today I'll be talking you through two pieces I picked up that will be frequently appearing within my posts over the next few weeks. Metquarter Liverpool is a host to many wonderful fashion and beauty brands including some of my favourites; MAC, House of CB, Kurt Geiger, Fransceca Couture, Jo Malone, Links Of London, Mococo plus many more. So it's extremely ideal to find everything you need under one roof, and with whispers of the opening of the Metquarter cinema soon I'll be a frequent face around the shops even more so.

So you might remember the last time I spoke about Metquarter I also picked up a rainbow bag from Kurt Geiger, but you've seen this rainbow trend kicking off again and they've come back with a line of iconic gem inspired tones for their rainbow collection. As it was near enough Black Friday when I popped in to visit, they had an incredible sale. Every time I take a mooch inside, I find myself picking up a few items as I've accidentally always appeared when a major sale is on. Although it's my first go-to location immediately after getting my hair done on Button Street. I've had a frequent work-flow of treat yourself days, Voodou followed by Metquarter, Patisserie Valerie and if my arms aren't filled with shopping bags then perhaps another adventure into the yonder of the city.


Liverpool photos by Paul McCoy Photography

stephi lareine liverpool fashion blog 2018
stephi lareine liverpool fashion blog 2018

The first item that was purchased was this beautiful red faux fur coat in a short trim, with delicate detailing of darker hairs. House of CB invest into creating staple pieces that will see you throughout the years and this coat has been the talk of the bar whenever I've met up with friends. Beautifully designed, thick, luxurious and effortless cool. I've been styling it up with some cigarette trousers,  cocktail dresses or simply a pair of well fitted skinny jeans. Everyone should definitely invest in a coat that will walk them through the winter, a coat that also makes you feel tiptop throughout the years too! Faux fur is quick glamour, and has a beautiful feminine edge to any ensemble. As you can see this look today has been styled up with a plain small turtleneck jumper, and some well fitted trousers and my favourite velvet boots with similar shiny metallic hues.

Faux Fur Of Dreams

stephi lareine liverpool fashion blogger wearing metquarter clothing by house of cb london and kurt geiger rainbow handbag
stephi lareine liverpool fashion blog 2018

Gem toned rainbow handbags

If you've been anywhere near the high street lately you'll notice that gem tones have been everywhere, it's a trend that I wish came back more and more. So if you're in need of finding something trending for a Christmas party, you'll be safe to know that the shops of Metquarter are covered in gem tones including metallic purples, emeralds, teals and vibrant yellows.

Which brings me to my favourite handbag I own. It's just so me isn't it? So colourful and rock'n'roll. This shoulder bag is from Kurt Geiger in Metquarter Liverpool, and comes in darker coloured variations, as well as various sizes. I opted for the larger size, as a blogger I generally have to carry around lots of equipment, so I prefer a larger bag. However the smaller edition is perfect for a night out when you just need your essentials; lipstick, card and phone.

I've wanted this bag for so long, and finally have the opportunity of wearing it near enough every day. As you're all extremely aware, I love to freshen up my outfits with pops of colour and feel like this bag collection is a fantastic incentive for anyone looking to work in some colour into their wardrobe too. Whether you're teaming this up with a full black ensemble or alongside equally as bright tones. It certainly makes a staple iconic addition to your handbag collection. I highly do recommend popping down in person to get the full experience, try the bag on (potentially a pair of shoes, whilst you're about too!) and walk out with a big beaming grin.

stephi lareine liverpool fashion blog 2018
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