Child Fashion: What You Need To Know

Styling up all the special little people in your life

I'm absolutely besotted  by kids clothing, I turn into a massive puddle of emotion when I see little shoes, socks and adorable tiny little accessories. Anything miniature... I'm fascinated. I'm that woman in the supermarket who will go 'awh!' when I see a little kid running around with their own kids trolley of goodies, as they pretend to be an adult.  Broody by nature, and was definitely destined to be a kids tv presenter if I wasn't in this magnificent blogging job full time. I  recently became an aunty (ish - it's my boyfriends nephew) )15 months ago and was introduced to the beauty of having to shop for children when possible. Due to being one of the youngest in my entire family, I never grew up around babies and it took me until my late teens to see a new born baby in real life. But now as a full functioning adult member of society, who also falls into the fashion sector of creative writing - it's now my duty and very terrible excuse to say I MUST check out what goes down on the catwalks for kids as much as adults. As I often reflect on each collection, and come to the realisation that I need all the clothes in an adult size for my own wardrobe. No regrets.

So in todays post will be talking childs fashion, and how to specifically  find designer clothing for kids.

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We all know how difficult it can be to get your baby or child to wear particular clothing. For me when I was little, it was collars, or anything close to the neck - so I hated school shirts, point blank refused to button it up. My nephew hates wearing shoes or gloves, he's super tactile and loves touching things. So it's good to watch and learn from your kid what clothes they like.Take inspiration from what they'd ideally love to wear, this could be from tv, movies, their drawings, or something they've picked out themselves. If they love it, they'll wear it. Check out what clothes do you need for a newborn, how many clothes are required for your baby, and the best place for baby clothes online at Moonbunbaby. From designer baby accessories to kids designer clothes, baby clothes online, and stylish options for baby clothes and what-not! MoonBun is known to be the best kids’ clothing store online for parents to buy the best designer baby clothes online.

Find your kids style

Get creative 

This is the one time in someone's life where they can literally wear anything by the choice of yours. I love checking out sites like Bambini Fashion for designer clothes for kids, which has a whole host of different designers, bound to inspire and get you revved up for buying some kids clothing. They've got every designer brand you can think of from Balenciaga to Young Versace. As they create a one stop shop for inspiring and creative kids fashion.

You don't wanna spend your precious hard earned money on an outfit which will be stripped off withins seconds. To stay good in their books, vouch for soft materials, ones they find comforting rather than itchy or distressing. Make sure to break in their shoes for them, by bending and stretching them - and if ankles are too firm you can use a hairdryer on the hottest setting, and your hand to expand the feet - saves the sobbing and bleeding ankles.

Comfort is key