Nude Photo Session Tips: Top 5 Poses to Kill Your Boudoir Photoshoot

If you are interested in expanding your art collection, a boudoir photoshoot might be your perfect solution. Ideal nude photos will strike the perfect balance between elegant and sensuous, creating indisputable masterpieces. Regrettably, the prospect of this type of boudoir photography can be daunting for both newbies and seasoned models. However, with a little posing magic, you can achieve the perfect results in a short period. Here are the five best poses to help you kill your photoshoot with your boudoir photographer

The curve of the spine can lend a sensuous but modest air to a boudoir nude photo. This pose is pretty simple and emphasises the beauty of the natural lines of the body. Also, it adds intrigue to the photo because it will feel like the viewer is looking at a private moment. When creating this pose, you can use a pillow to prop up the body to minimise strain. The photo can be spiced up by keeping the knees bent and even looking at the camera over the shoulder.

Arched Back

Elongated Legs

Regardless of your body type, you should use your legs to create beautiful poses. Elongating your legs will give you a longer and more toned look, contributing to the artistic value of the final piece. There are different poses that you can strike while keeping your legs elongated. For instance, you can lie on a bed or a couch and stretch out your body with one leg folded up and the other tensed beneath. You can also sit up on the edge of a chair and step on the ground on tiptoes. At, the person behind the camera will guide you achieve the best pose using your legs.

stephi lareine makeup
stephi lareine makeup

Hand placement has a huge influence on the elegance of boudoir photographs, especially when nude. If your hands are awkwardly placed over the body, you might look like you are concealing certain parts in embarrassment. In some cases, the action will look a little too brazen and compromise the classiness of your photo. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your hands. Ideally, you should use light hand placement over the thighs, chest or other part to create a sense of casual ease.

Strategic Hand Placement

Prop Inclusion

Using props in your poses is an excellent way to make your boudoir photos unique and emotive. However, you must be careful not to bring in items which will detract from the core goal of your nude photo session. Including oversized or conspicuous props could detract from your natural beauty. An ideal prop would be something like a mirror. If a mirror is placed strategically while you stand before it, your entire body can be captured perfectly without direct camera use.

Finally, keep in mind that your eyes are essential to your poses. The look in your eyes will communicate and affect the feelings and thoughts of the viewer. For instance, looking at the camera during your pose could create a mischievous and open appearance. If you are interested in a photograph that presents you in a private moment, your eyes can remain closed or you can look away from the camera. The lack of engagement will give the photo an air of mystery.



Remember the Eyes