Donating Presents For Kids

Christmas is rapidly coming around the corner, so everyone has been madly prepping by buying their brand new tree, spreading out the payments for kids toys and splurging on their festive fashion choices for their Christmas party.

However I deeply do believe that Christmas is about caring, sharing and opening up to spend time with people during the colder seasons. I was always brought up to believe that if you knew anyone who was lonely, you'd bring them around to share the Christmas cheer. Unfortunately there are a few lonely people in the world who don't receive a single present from their families. So today I'd like to talk about something that means a whole lot to me, which is Mission Christmas; a service which provides presents to children between the ages of 0 to 18. It's a fantastic service which can change how a child sees Christmas. I think when you're young Christmas should be the magical time, even if its just going out to see Santa or even just the fairy lights put up in the street. I love the idea of giving back to help in any way possible, and in a world very driven my consumerism, we can all spare a present so a child has something to play with on Christmas morning.

C & W Berry are one of the lead sponsors of the charity this year, and luckily is one of the drop off points for donating your presents during 2018. Gifts can be dropped off at the below address.  The aim is to make sure children have a gift to open on Christmas morning, and that they are not forgotten. Even the drivers are  also helping to collect some of the gifts and deliver them to the sorting centre, it makes it more special when everyone gets involved in such a fantastic cause. You can also donate cash by phone or text if you prefer and details are on the Mission Christmas site if you prefer to hand over cash.

262 Golden Hill Lane
PR25 2YH

This is just one of the 370 drop off sites, so even if you can't get to Lancashire, there's another 369 available within an area near you. Find your local drop off point for Mission Christmas.

Where Can You Donate?

mission christmas

These should be new and not wrapped.

Clothes can also be donated but must be new.

If you are donating a toy that needs batteries please include the batteries and tape them to the side of the box so that the child can enjoy the gift – these can be expensive for a family to buy.

Second hand or used gifts cant be accepted for health and safety reasons. This may be the only gift the child will receive this Christmas – so if you can afford to please buy one additional gift and make a local child very happy on christmas morning


Rules For Donating