Where to travel this Halloween Half Term

Now that we are finally heading towards autumn, it’s time for fashion lovers to look at their swimwear collection and their fashion wardrobe and get ready for a refresh. But there’s an even more pressing need right now. Namely, getting away for a little bit too in the October half term for that small extra dose of sunshine.  to he

New swimwear deserves a new destination to make the most of it, so the big question should be, where to go on holiday in October half term? Well UK Swimwear have teamed up with me to create a few great choices to make the most of the sun and the sea. Let’s start with the closest destinations to the UK, as many of you won’t want to travel far in the short time you have.



The Greek Islands would be our first recommendations. Not only are they the warmest spots in Europe in October half term, but they are pretty affordable, and if you have little ones, they tend to be safe and geared toward holidays for everyone. They have some of the most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters in Europe, and we recommend it as a place to show off your new fashion swimwear, get a great tan and relax for a week.

Greek Islands


Next on our list would be Cyprus. While this is also a Greek island or at least half is, it is a little different than the others. It is very Southerly and much closer to Asia than the other Greek islands, making it warmer and drier than most other destinations. Another great thing is that the island is split between Greece and Turkey, so if you prefer the type of food you enjoy or the drinks, or you speak a little of one of these languages, you might fit right into one of the two spots all on the same island. Wherever you choose to go on the island, know that its coasts are vast and the chance to sunbathe and enjoy the water is always a big plus of this island.

If you want to go somewhere a little bit out of the ordinary, a holiday destination growing in popularity is the Adriatic coast. Some of the former Yugoslav states like Croatia, Montenegro and Albania are still places many holidaymakers are sceptical about, but they really shouldn’t be. Slovenia, for example, shares a border will Italy and is a stone toss away from Venice. While many don’t image the Balkan nation as a holiday destination, its tiny coastline is excellent for those wanting to take a car into Trieste, the nearest Italian city, or go on a day trip to Venice. And then there is Croatia and the city of Dubrovnik. A place brought back into popularity recently for being recommended on many hidden gem travels lists and for even being the filming location for Game of Thrones. This spot is superb for getting the sun and for swimming in some of the most crystal-clear waters in Europe without any of the choppiness of the Mediterranean, thanks to it being among a cluster of islands that shield it from the higher tides. The only thing to note here is that the beaches are a little rockier, but you want to know where to go in October half term, and you like the idea of a boat trip out into deeper waters for a snorkelling trip perhaps, then making Dubrovnik your destination.



Adriatic coast

Rio de Janeiro

And finally, here is our more divisive recommendation. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. If you have the time to travel further, or you reside in the Western Hemisphere, this is a great destination. It’s superb for three reasons. One, it is consistently hot all year round. Two, it has some of the best beaches with almost no choppy seas thanks to it being inside a protective bay. And three, it’s in the Southern hemisphere, so it means that it’s warmer in the winter than the spring, making it the perfect autumn or winter retreat. If you are asking the question, where is hot in October half term, then here’s your answer. This is the ultimate destination for swimwear fashion lovers too. The beaches are chock full of people showing off the best fashion from Italy, Paris, Miami, New York and London. It’s known for its beach culture, and if you want a tan, some sun and a few cocktails, this is the absolute best destination.



So, when is October half term 2018? For most schools, it is 29th October to 2nd November. It’s certainly the right time to prepare for a last-minute getaway.