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The Best Ways To Improve Your Marketing Strategy in 2018/19

Latest Tips For Bloggers & Brands For Content, SEO & Social Media

Any good digital marketing expert will tell you that an authentic, organic and trusting audience will stay by your side forever and ever. 

I see blogging as the best format for total honesty, we’re not journalists, and the only branding guidelines we need to stick by are the ones we set ourselves. So as we’re creeping up to the last few months of 2018 and heading into 2019 (This year has flown so fast!) I’d like to share some of my favourite ways that are guaranteed to help you in your online branding and smash search marketing! 

Click Consult has been my go-to place for helpful for any tips and tricks when it comes to aiding my own blogging journey so that I can stay on top of what Google needs for me to get ranked appropriately. They’re excellent with SEO, experts in delivering impressive ROI for their clients and create data-driven strategies using their expertise, experience and bespoke technology. 

So here’s some of the things that I learnt that will blast you into the stratosphere online and help you with your business, whether you’re a blog or brand. 

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Authenticity is key, and yes you’ve probably read this on every Google indexed page when researching SEO firms - but the facts speak for themselves. People approach Google like the ultimate oracle of knowledge, they don’t type in computer code, they ask questions and expert Google to know what every answer is. So one of the greatest pieces of advice is to write like you would speak. 

Focus your attention of developing on-page content with rich results in mind. Some of my best posts have been heartfelt, rich in information and definitely didn’t leave any stone unturned. 

According to Click Consult, voice search is on the rise, so optimise for long tail keywords and natural language search. 

At some point this year we’ve all found ourselves in the situation where we’ve been discussing something with a friend or colleague and before you know it a tailored advert for that very topic arises on Facebook or Youtube. The internet is becoming very clever and continuously growing into becoming your personal assistant in every step of your life. 

Another important factor is that Google will be looking at your mobile site and creating your ranking from that, so I stress the point that you ensure that your sitespeed, readability and navigation is on point for the spiders of Google. 

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Humans are very visual, we love vibrancy, rich images & video - it’s what drives us to come back time and time again. You buy Vogue for the beautiful imagery as much as the endearing words right? 

So start to work on the intent behind your content creation, as well as your quality as AI increases in importance. Relevancy is vital in any strategy. 

As I mentioned previously, voice search is playing an integral part of search marketing so making videos should be on your to-do list. If you get into the swing of making videos on a regular basis in many different formats that are optimised for every part of your strategy you’ll have more people to engage with. 

With beautiful new features from Instagram such as IGTV, and Instagram Story Highlights we can jump on making fabulous video based content tailored for different audiences. Always keep in mind that you can make stunning content in 60 seconds. And if 15 seconds on Instagram stories isn’t enough, you can always tell your story by dicing up your content to be more digestible for your audience whilst putting your point across. But don't forget to add relevant hashtags and you can use also use generator tools to find find relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts.

However Youtube and Facebook will be taking a stand in being the most important platforms for any growing business, as the demand for video posts grow. People are more inclined to keep their attention focused on video more than imagery. If you don’t believe me, think about the length of time you spend looking at one image versus a short video.  

For brands, influencers are on the biggest rise we’ve ever seen. Many brands have increased their budget as they see more importance to getting the message out via streams of organic honest people than to link building. As a full-time blogger, I tell every brand that they get a good bargain from influence marketing as they’re buying into a one person magazine - if we don’t have a small team of people helping us out, then we’re doing everything on our own. So we know our audience, tone of voice and ethics more than anyone could ever tell us. 

Another social media trend for the rest of this year is targeting Generation Z as they begin to enter the job market and gain buying power. You bet they’ve all grown up and looking for new and innovative ways in the digital era to get their kicks throughout life. So tapping into the future of tomorrow could be a massive success for any business looking to capitalise on a new audience. 


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